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  • Custom Leather ProductsCustom Leather Products
    Custom Leather Products
    Grandshine Custom Leather Products

    Grandshine custom leather products manufacture service provide professional high quality leather design and sewing manufacture for your new products development.

    Grandshine has professional leather product sewing manufacture team. We have 20 years rich experience in custom leather products design and stitching manufacture. We provide manufacture solutions for various range of industries,include phone leather case, card holder, passport bag, tablet leather case, laptop sleeve, makeup bag, anti-radiation phone cases, anti-RFID tablet case, dog harness, dog collar, pet leads , pet walking bag and other related leather products. The material we selected covers PU leather, genuine leather, Nylon, cloth, neoprene etc. We support you to custom your leather material and print your pattern on your products. Grandshine is able to provide a full range of product development solutions to reduce your budget with good quality for special projects.

  • Fast PrototypeFast Prototype
    Fast Prototype
    Grandshine Fast Prototype Service

    Grandshine provide custom plastic injection mold, silicone mold, metal alloy die cast mold and mass production etc product development service. Before molding, we offer fast prototype service to ensure success of your new project.

    We carry out Prototyping during various phases of each project. Thus maximum possible efficient development is ensured. Rapid Prototyping involves getting mock-ups of the product. This is then reviewed evaluated and refined until the best quality product is achieved.

    Prototyping gives the opportunity to get a clear idea of aesthetics, beside allowing one to touch, feel, and get a sense of its strength and size. Prototypes are essential to understand the ergonomic aspects of the product.

    Grandshine is always support you fast prototype before mass production. And ensure your design is workable for mass production and save cost of project failure.

  • Custom PCB/FPC
    Grandshine Custom PCB FPC Manufacture

    Grandshine is your great partner of new products development. We provide you molding, electronic design, mass production and final assembly service.

    Gifted with years experience in electronic design, our electronic design team enjoys an extensive knowledge in many fields of the electronics technology.such as consumer electronic design, retail scanning and payment electronic,smart home application electronic,wifi internet device electronic etc. Utilizing suitable tools and latest equipment and techniques, our highly experienced professionals cover all aspects of PCB engineering to provide our clients with physical layout that matches exactly with the schematic design..

    Our EE team provides effective PCB and FPC services to be utilized in the product assembly. We design any types of consumer electronic circuits and products base on customers’ specifications at reasonable costs. Grandshine EE team provides high-performance PCB/FPC schematics design layout and Gerber. We have the mastery in providing end to end solutions and SMT manufacture. Briefly, Grandshine is the one stop station for the entire PCB/FPC and products manufacture solution

  • Stamped parts 6Stamped parts 6
    Die Casting Mould
    Custom Die Casting Mold & Stamping Mold

    Grandshine custom die casting mold & stamping mold service provide professional OEM/ODM metal alloy parts manufacture and moulding for your new products development.
    You can have die casting mold, punching mold,silicone mold and plastic injection molds 4 different process mold manufacture from Grandshine. According to most of customers’ feedback, it’s hard for them to make one new products smoothly when their new products relate to silicone,plastic,metal alloy and pcb 4 kind of material at the same time. They need to talk with several suppliers with different parts, but big risk is they can not ensure all parts can go on well with each other in perfect size as they are from different companies. Grandshine can help you solve this issue, we have our own plastic injection mold workshop,own silicone mold workshop and partner with die casting and punching workshop, we ensure all parts will be perfect size to match each other.
    We have cooperated Die casting and punching mold factory who focusing on providing with all kind of Stamping alloy Parts,Steel Metal Parts and Sheet Metal Fabricating Service. The factory has Japan’s advanced CNC sheet metal processing equipment, professional silk screen equipment and independent painting workshops and other professional equipment and facilities.Our product quality has been recognized by customers, which has formed a good reputation in the industry.

  • Plastic injection Mold 1Plastic injection Mold
    Plastic Injection Mould
    Grandshine Custom Plastic Injection Mold

    Grandshine custom plastic injection mold service provide professional high precision plastic injection mold manufacture and mass production for your new products development.
    Grandshine is leading professional Plastic Injection mold maker. We have 20 years rich experience building plastic injection molds and providing end-to-end tooling solutions for various range of industries,includes plastic injection molds for automotive,consumer electronic, smart phone accessories,tablet accessories,retail payment brackets, medication, lighting, sport equipment, home appliance, and agriculture device.The plastic resin we selected covers TPU,ABS, PC, PP, PA, PMMA, POM, PE etc. We have advanced and sophisticated high precision machines, which enables us to make close tolerance injection molds under shorter lead-times. Grandshine is able to provide a full range of product development solutions to reduce your budget with good quality for special projects.

  • Silicone moldSilicone mold
    Silicone Mould
    Grandshine Custom Silicone Mold

    Grandshine custom silicone mold service provide professional OEM/ODM silicone rubber mold manufacture and mass production for your new products development.

    Unlike other silicone products, you can feel heavy silicone rubber smell cause they use poor quality silicone material. Grandshine adopt 100% BPA free food grade safe silicone raw material to manufacture your silicone products and all products has passed Rohs Reach certificate. Besides it, Grandshine only add food grade platinum vulcanizing agent and all our silicone products have to be finished by 3 hours 428°F (220℃) vacuum high temperature disinfection before shipping.

    You will not get rubber/silicone smell anymore and will not taste like plastic. That makes our silicone products are safe enough and ECO friendly.

    Grandshine work as professional mold manufacturer. We have 20 years rich experience building silicone rubber molds and providing mass production solutions for all your silicone products.You can enjoy happy experience of perfect silicone mold solution from us. Grandshine is able to provide a full range of product development solutions to reduce your budget with good quality for special projects.

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