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    Custom PCB/FPC
    Grandshine Custom PCB FPC Manufacture

    Grandshine is your great partner of new products development. We provide you molding, electronic design, mass production and final assembly service.

    Gifted with years experience in electronic design, our electronic design team enjoys an extensive knowledge in many fields of the electronics technology.such as consumer electronic design, retail scanning and payment electronic,smart home application electronic,wifi internet device electronic etc. Utilizing suitable tools and latest equipment and techniques, our highly experienced professionals cover all aspects of PCB engineering to provide our clients with physical layout that matches exactly with the schematic design..

    Our EE team provides effective PCB and FPC services to be utilized in the product assembly. We design any types of consumer electronic circuits and products base on customers’ specifications at reasonable costs. Grandshine EE team provides high-performance PCB/FPC schematics design layout and Gerber. We have the mastery in providing end to end solutions and SMT manufacture. Briefly, Grandshine is the one stop station for the entire PCB/FPC and products manufacture solution

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