In March 2022, our company received a custom request from an Italian clothing brand for a protective case for their MacBook Air 13″. The client had specific requirements for the material of the protective case: it should be made of PC and silicone, so that the PC could effectively protect the MacBook while the silicone would provide a comfortable grip and fall protection.

After receiving the design specifications, our engineering team started to work on a design that would meet all of the client’s requirements while showcasing the brand’s identity and values. The design went through several stages of development, including drawing, DFM analysis, and Prototype inspection before the final design was approved by the client one month later.

The next step was the tooling process, which was complicated by the fact that two different materials were involved and they could not be directly bonded together. Our engineering team worked diligently and came up with a precise shrinkage standard and production technology that allowed the two materials to bond tightly together. After another month of development, the tooling was successfully completed.

we encountered precision fitting issues during production due to temperature differences between the PC and silicone molding processes. The heat and cold shrinkage of the PC material caused dimensional inaccuracies in the silicone mold, which posed a challenge to our engineers. We solved this problem by introducing water cooling during the silicone molding process to ensure that the product cooled down as quickly as possible after being shaped.

After overcoming these challenges, the product was delivered to the client within two months. Our engineering team has extensive experience in providing clients with various design and production solutions. If you have any needs for new product development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With attention to detail and expertise in materials and manufacturing, we will help you bring your product vision to life.

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