X42 tablet radiator cooling fan

Introducing the X42 Tablet Radiator Cooling Fan, the ultimate solution to combat overheating, sluggish performance, and frame drops during prolonged tablet usage. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this cooling fan redefines your tablet experience, delivering unparalleled cooling efficiency and performance optimization. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a movie aficionado, or a rugged tablet user in demanding outdoor scenarios, the X42 tablet radiator cooling fan is your trusted companion for enhanced productivity and uninterrupted enjoyment.




100mm (Diameter) x 30mm (Height)


Aluminum Alloy, Copper, ABS, Magnet


Type-C Input

Input Current:

DC 9V/3A

Dual Cooling Modes:

Cold, Extreme Cold

Fan Lifespan:

8000 hours

Fan Speed:

4000 RPM

Product Weight:



Compatible with all tablets and smartphones

Other Features:

RGB Lighting Effects, Temperature Display

1、Advanced Cooling Solution:

The X42 Tablet Radiator Cooling Fan is designed to revolutionize your tablet experience by effectively mitigating issues related to overheating, lag, and compromised performance. Tailored to deliver superior cooling results, this fan rapidly absorbs and disperses excess heat emitted by your tablet, ensuring efficient and prompt cooling. Perfect for addressing overheating concerns during intensive gaming sessions or extended rugged tablet usage in demanding environments.

2、Rapid Cooling Technology:

Engineered with a formidable 4000 RPM high-capacity cooling motor, the X42 surface cooling fan boasts a rapid cooling effect achievable within just three seconds. As your tablet’s temperature reaches a peak of 60-80 degrees Celsius (140-176 degrees Fahrenheit) during activities like charging, gaming, or continuous usage, the X42’s magnetic attachment swiftly provides a 3-second cooldown solution. Elevate your tablet’s efficiency with ease.

3、Innovative Heat Transfer Design:

The X42 fan cooler table employs an innovative wind grille design, integrating extensive copper heat dissipation plates and a multi-faceted aluminum alloy build. This advanced engineering expedites heat transfer from your tablet, facilitating rapid and efficient cooling to enhance the performance of rugged tablets.

4、Universal Magnetic Suction:

The integrated magnetic suction design ensures compatibility with a wide range of tablet models and smartphones. Seamlessly attach the tablet cooling pad to your device through magnetic attraction, enabling effective heat dissipation without any hassle.

5、Advanced Noise Reduction Fan:

The X42 rugged tablet cooler fan boasts a large air volume hydraulic noise reduction fan, exemplifying our commitment to excellence. This fan significantly boosts exhaust efficiency while maintaining a stable, low-noise rotation, ensuring a serene environment with a maximum noise level controlled below 55 dB.

6、Vibrant RGB Lighting:

Elevate the aesthetics of your tablet with the captivating RGB LED lighting of the X42 rugged tablet fan cooler. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the fan but also adds a touch of sophistication, making it an irresistible addition to your tablet setup.

7、Dual-mode Cooling Control:

The X42 Industrial Tablet Cooling Fan introduces two distinct cooling modes: “Cool” and “Extreme Cold.” Tailor your cooling experience based on your tablet’s environment and temperature needs. Additionally, the fan features a temperature display screen, allowing you to monitor and optimize your tablet’s cooling efficiency.


Experience the future of tablet cooling with the X42 Tablet Radiator Cooling Fan. Say goodbye to overheating issues and welcome enhanced performance, all in a sleek and stylish package. Embrace the power of efficient cooling and elevate your tablet experience today. Email kaiwin@grashine.com for quoation

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