Grandshine’s Custom Car Plate manufacture. we offer you top-notch car plate production and personalized customization services. Whether you’re seeking unique license plate decorations or need customized plates to meet specific regional specifications, we have you covered.

1、Comprehensive Product Range

Grandshine provides a range of high-quality car plate products, including License Plate Frames, Covers, Holders, and car plate bases. We are committed to offering you best choices to meet different needs and design.

2、Multi-material Production

We can manufacture license plates using a variety of materials, such as PP plastic, ABS plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and iron. With advanced production equipment and technology, we can produce molds and mass production according to your material selection.

3、Regional Customization Services

Grandshine offers regional customization services spanning the globe. We can tailor plate sizes and specifications to different regions, covering standards in Singapore, the USA, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and more. Our one-stop mold production and assembly service ensures an efficient and precise customization process.

4、Diverse Surface Finishing Options

To add uniqueness and personality to your car license plates, we provide various surface finishing options, including painting, printing, stamping, enamel application, electroplating, spray coating, UV coating, vacuum plating, carbon fiber coating, and gemstone application. Whether you prefer simplicity, style, or luxury, we can meet your customized needs.

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