Make Mould Modifications or Require a New Mould? Which One is Best When You Want to Change Existing Product Design.


When we want to make product design changes for an existing product, the decision of whether to modify an existing mould or develop a new one becomes a critical issue. Developing a new mould incurs the entire cost of a new set of mould, while modifying an existing mould only requires partial modification costs. However, not all mould can be efficiently modified.

We have an European client who came to us last year to design and produce a protective bumper for a portable data loader device. Today, he emailed our engineering team seeking solutions about either modifying or developing a new mould for the existing protective bumper.


He has two design modifications in total: the first modification is to lower the height of the bumper by 3mm, and the second modification is to change the size of the “cut-out window” from its original size of 94mm*40mm to allow for a 50mm*50mm RFID module addition.

After receiving this design modification request, our engineering team conducted design evaluations. The first design change was relatively easy to modify an existing mould, but the second design change required considering whether the existing mould structure allowed for modification. We also needed to consider whether the modified mould would affect the functionality and drop protection testing of the product’s structure after the mould was modified.

Before making this size modification to the mould, we needed to conduct product experimentation testing. After the engineering team conducted product experimentation testing, the modified product passed the drop testing function and did not affect product usage. Therefore, the cost of modifying the entire set of mould was much lower than the cost of developing a new set of mould. This not only helped the client realize the desired product design change but also saved the client development costs.

Regarding deciding between mould modifications and developing new mould, we need to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the product design modification will affect the efficiency of design changes.

Changes in form and size: Minor changes in form or size, such as patterns, lines, or small holes, can be accomplished through simple mould cutting techniques. However, if significant changes are required, we need to reevaluate the cost and efficiency of developing a new mould or modifying an existing one.


  • Material selection: The choice of product material is critical, and different materials will affect the difficulty of mould production and its lifespan. Therefore, before considering mould modification or developing a new mould, we need to understand and determine the necessary material for the product to provide more precise parameter values for mould manufacturing.


  • Mould structure evaluation: Before considering whether to modify an existing mould, we need to evaluate the mould’s structure to determine whether it allows for the necessary modifications. For large-scale and complex structural changes, it may be necessary to develop a new mould. This will result in higher precision and better quality products.


  • Product experimentation testing: Before making any mould changes, we need to conduct product experimentation testing to ensure that the sample meets customer requirements and standards and confirm that the product’s performance indicators meet expectations. After confirming that the sample is qualified, we can proceed with mould modification or new mould development.


  • Cost control: When considering mould modifications or developing new mould,cost is one of the most critical factors. We need to comprehensively consider various factors such as expected sales volume, material costs, labor costs, etc., to evaluate costs effectively.


  • Choose a professional manufacturer: To ensure the successful completion of product design changes, we need to select a mould developer with extensive experience. They should be capable of providing high-quality mould production and excellent customer service, as well as quickly and efficiently solving problems.

When considering whether to modify an existing mould or develop a new one, we need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s nature, structure, and requirements. We also need to choose a professional manufacturer for production and service. This will ensure that we can effectively control costs while quickly and reliably achieving product design changes.

If you have any questions about product modifications or developing new mould, please feel free to contact us. Our Grandshine engineering team can provide valuable and cost-effective design solutions for you. Website: or email:

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