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— Global Office —


USA Office

Address: 1566 W 204th Street Torrance CA 90501 USA. Contact: Mr Sydney. Cell: 310 951 1991

Singapore 1

Singapore Office

Address:84 mandai estate 729921 Singapore .Contact: Mr Kenneth


Malaysia Factory

Address:84 mandai estate 729921 .Contact: Mr Kenneth

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Ghana Office

Address: Linglong Tyre building Abeka lapaz Accra Ghana .Contact: Mrs Maggie

— Shipping Logistics And Import Tariff Support —

Our product services cover countries worldwide, ensuring that high-quality plastic products are accessible anywhere. Additionally, we can provide transportation logistics advice and services based on your location, whether it's shipping by sea, air, or FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. We have established partnerships with reliable logistics partners to offer you cost-effective and timely shipping logistics solutions. Regarding import tariffs, if you are in USA and may pay higher tariffs to import from China, we can help you move your production to our Malaysia factory or shipping them from Malaysia or Singapore. Our experienced customs clearance professionals will assist you with necessary documentation and import processes, striving to secure the best import tariff benefits for you.

— Custom Products Manufacture Support —

When requesting a custom product from Grandshine, please ensure adherence to the following parameters: If you intend to print your logo or patterns on products, kindly provide the logo or pattern files, and we will furnish you with a quotation prior to the sampling stage. For the customization of new products, include details such as the custom product material, market area, sales channels, design idea, design drawing (CAD/STP) or hand-drawn sketch, and quantity or budget range. In cases where a design drawing is unavailable, sharing your sketch and design idea allows our team of designer engineers to assist you in realizing your design, coupled with custom mold creation and production, all while upholding confidentiality through a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Detalles de productos personalizados o consulta general


— Dirección de la oficina central y de la fábrica —

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