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Grandshine is one of the top five plastic mold factories in Shenzhen, focusing on providing one-stop plastic parts development and manufacturing services from concept design to engineering design, mold development to mass production. We are committed to providing plastic mold manufacturing for various products, including ABS plastic injection molding, polypropylene injection molding, medical device injection molding, polycarbonate injection molding, high-density polyethylene injection molding, acrylic injection molding, polyurethane injection molding, silicone molding etc. Our customized products are widely used in consumer electronics, home appliances, Internet of Things, industrial, automotive, beauty, pet supplies, mobile phone accessories and other fields.

If you are looking to manufacture custom plastic parts in the United States, our US team will provide you with the highest quality production solutions. If you are in Southeast Asia, our Singapore team will provide excellent plastic parts production services. For customers in other countries, our team in China can also provide you with high quality manufacturing services. Welcome to consult us, let us work together to promote the success of your plastic molding project.

Pls check below video of what is plastic injection molding

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  • RV roof solar panel mounting bracketRV roof solar panel mounting bracket
    Plastic Molded Parts
    Recreational Vehicle Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

    introducing our Recreational Vehicle Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, the perfect solution for mounting solar panels on touring cars and motorhomes. Our plastic mounting brackets are easy and flexible to install without any drilling required – simply bond with sealant (not included) to prevent potential roof leaks. For added stability, you can also fix the bracket with screws.

    Our lightweight yet sturdy brackets are made of high-quality, UV-proof, and environmentally friendly engineering ABS plastic. The design of the edges and four corners helps protect the solar panel from damage, making it an ideal choice for small and large solar panels. It’s also compatible with all HQST solar modules.

    These corner brackets are versatile and can be installed in RVs, campers, caravans, roofs, car hoods, garages, sheds, decks, or other flat surfaces made of aluminum, wood, or GPR materials. They can be used with any aluminum frame solar panel.

    Our solar panel mounting brackets are designed to provide excellent heat dissipation and cleaning. The strong side support, combined with the specially-designed height, promotes ventilation and maintains the cooling air gap between the solar panel and the roof/deck.

    Choose our Recreational Vehicle Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for a reliable and hassle-free installation of your solar panels on your touring car or motorhome.

  • Silicona1Silicona
    Plastic Molded Parts
    ODM Macbook Air 13” Rugged Cases
  • Smart Socket SwitchSmart Socket Switch
    Plastic Molded Parts
    Smart Socket Switch Development Services

    As a new product development and manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing high-quality smart socket development services. Whether you need a regular front panel socket or a smart socket, we provide comprehensive services, including product design, circuit design, mold development, product manufacturing, and assembly.

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