injection molding plastic management measures

صب الحقن

The management of the injection molding plastic can be roughly divided into three different stages, that is, mold development, mold use and mold maintenance, therefore, the effective management of the mold can start from the process to improve the management of each part.

مقديم دevelopment

First of all, in terms of mold development, it is necessary to set up a mold development team and assign professional project managers and engineering personnel to monitor the development throughout the process.

Hold mold development meeting to discuss product structure and application, mold steel types, mold life, mold precision requirements, mechanical specifications, finished product shape, development time, etc. Through these management methods, enterprises can not only obtain more accurate evaluation, but also provide customers with more professional mold services in mutual communication. Grandshine is eg industries leader in plastic injection tooling molding & finishing, we will set up a professional engineering team for each new product and provide customers with DFM evaluation reports.

At the same time, we will monitor the actual progress of the project. Such as using project monitoring tools to estimate and calculate the actual progress schedule, and compare the actual progress of the project with the planned progress, correct any deviation from the plan, timely and appropriate response, such as using different engineers responsible for wire cutting, deep hole machining, lathe, polishing, heat treatment, etc.;

Injection Molding Plastic Usage

Secondly, in the use of molds, we should pay attention to the difficulties encountered in extraction, mold installation, mold testing, manufacturing, and recycling, such as unable to find the mold or the mold has been damaged; After mold testing, it is found that the mold needs maintenance; It is not found that the mold life has passed during manufacturing, which affects the product quality; The used mold does not record its status, resulting in a delay in the production period when it is used again in the future.

For these problems, it is necessary to record the use of the mold each time, and recording the number of uses of the mold is of great help to evaluate the life of the mold. At the same time, implement regular maintenance. At the same time, provide customers with mold usage information, so that customers can assess the impact of molds on product quality, and decide whether new molds need to be built.

In addition, to unify the management of the mold in and out of the warehouse, there needs to be a special person responsible for borrowing the mold, and all the access is recorded and signed.

Mold Maintenance

Finally, in terms of mold maintenance, each mold is independently recorded, and the mold also has an independent folder (paper or electronic files) to record all mold changes and states, such as the life of the mold, the state of the mold, including abnormal wear; The mold should also be clearly classified, such as hardware, die casting, plastic and so on. Develop a mold maintenance plan, and carry out regular maintenance management of the mold, so as to reduce the risk of damage and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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