Kundenspezifisches Leder

Custom Leather Goods

Grandshine’s sewing products manufacturing workshop is only 5 kilometers away from the South China City leather and fabric wholesale market. In this wholesale market, we can select from over ten thousand types of leather and fabric materials based on your leather product requirements and then process them into the desired products. With the advantage of being close to the source of materials, we have a wider range of leather styles for you to choose from, and can provide shorter lead times with faster production and processing speeds. Additionally, we are using various techniques to create unique custom leather product designs for you.

Leather Laptop Bag

In the early stage of helping you customize leather laptop base, Grandshine will fully communicate with you to understand the specific needs of the product. This includes aspects such as the desired leather laptop bag effect, budget constraints, production volumes, key market regions, and buyer positioning. After knowing all the necessary information, we began to design the leather computer bag. We provide sketches and rendering for your confirmation, and pre-production samples for your review. This detailed process ensures that each custom leather product meets market requirements.

Teddy laptop bag
leather card holder

Leather Card Holder & Passport Case

When producing leather card holder and leather passport holders, we prioritize the inclusion of advanced anti-RFID scanning features. For each product, we utilize shielding fabric certified for RFID protection as the middle layer. This ensures that our card holder wallet and passport case effectively safeguard your privacy and financial assets. Contact Grandshine for manufacturing anti-rfid passport pouch and leather card case.

Leather Pouch

Here are some common material choices for laptop bags and leather pouch:
1. Outer Materials:
Nylon:Lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, suitable for everyday use.

Leather: Provides a premium feel, durable.
Canvas: Sturdy texture, suitable for casual and outdoor-style leather pouch.
2. Lining Materials:
Polyester: Lightweight, easy to clean, commonly used for internal lining.
Fleece: Offers a soft lining, scratch-resistant, suitable for sensitive devices like laptops.
3. Padding:
Foam Padding: Provides additional protection and impact absorption.
Air Cushion: Utilizes a gas cushion layer for better shock absorption.
4. Fasteners and Buckles:
Metal Zippers: Durable and sturdy.
Plastic Zippers: Lightweight, suitable for lightweight passport pouch.
Nylon Buckles: Lightweight and robust.
5. Straps:
Nylon Straps: High strength, suitable for bearing weight.
Leather Straps: Common in business laptop bags.
6. Waterproof Coating:
PU Coating: Provides basic water resistance.
TPU Coating: Offers stronger waterproof performance.
7. Hard Shell Materials:
Polycarbonate: Provides high impact resistance.
ABS Plastic: Durable, suitable for lightweight hard shell laptop bags.
8. Reflective Materials:
Reflective Fabric: Improves nighttime visibility for enhanced safety.

Anti-RFID Test Report
custom leather products

Leather Folio Case For Tablet

Grandshine has different manufacture process of leather folio ipad cases.

Hand Stitching: Skilled artisans use sewing machines or hand tools to manually sew, ensuring each seam is robust.
Machine Stitching: Automated sewing using electric sewing machines enhances production efficiency and consistency.

Heat Press Molding Process for iPad Cases:This process involves using heat and pressure to mold and shape the materials for iPad cases.

Heat Transfer Printing: Transferring high-resolution, colorful patterns from transfer paper to the tablet case using heat transfer technology.
Digital Printing: Directly printing patterns onto the tablet case using a digital printing machine.

Leather Bag Strap

We provide a professional custom leather bag strap pattern production solution. Simply provide us with the desired pattern design, and we will provide a personalized production plan according to your requirements. Whether it’s unique patterns, logos, or specific colors, we can meet your needs. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind leather strap for you, adding uniqueness and brand identity to your bag strap. We look forward to work with you to enhance the unique charm of your shoulder strap.

leather bag strap

leather patterns manufacture

Custom Leather Patterns

Grandshine provide custom pattern printing services for leather products, using two printing processes: digital printing and thermal transfer printing. We offer four processes of hot pressing, gold stamping, silver stamping and silk screen printing for customized leather products logo. All you need to do is send the design file to us in AI or high resolution PDF format, and we will generate a product rendering based on your file and then manufacture it. We can customize any design leather patterns products for you.

Leather Bum Bag

We have many years of experience in the production of pet leather bum bags, we can customize various styles of bum bags for you. In addition, we also provide customized pet textile production services such as dog harness, dog leash, dog collar, bandana, etc. All the dog leash will pass the 150kg tensile test, and other pet products have passed the heavy metal safety test and other certifications to ensure that all pet supplies are safe and reliable.

leather bum bag

Leather Goods Manufacture Video

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Leather Goods Manufacturer

Grandshine is an amazing designer and manufacturer of leather goods, specializing in the design, sourcing and production of a wide range of unique leather goods. We have a large automatic leather cutting machine, professional tailoring team, as well as advanced high car sewing machine, flat car sewing machine, computer sewing machine and other production equipment and efficient production management system ISO900:2015 and ISO4001:2015. We can provide you with a variety of customized leather products, such as iPad leather case, MacBook laptop bag, passport cover, tablet hand strap, pouch holster, backpack, dog harness, dog leash and other products. Our factory has passed the BSCI Class B Social Responsibility Audit factory certification to ensure that every leather goods we produce is safe and reliable.

  • Kundenspezifische LederprodukteKundenspezifische Lederprodukte
    Kundenspezifisches Leder
    Grandshine kundenspezifische Lederprodukte

    Grandshine Custom Leather Products Manufacturing Service bietet professionelles hochwertiges Lederdesign und Nähherstellung für die Entwicklung Ihrer neuen Produkte.

    Grandshine verfügt über ein professionelles Team für die Herstellung von Lederprodukten. Wir haben 20 Jahre reiche Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von kundenspezifischen Lederprodukten. Wir bieten Fertigungslösungen für verschiedene Branchen an, darunter Lederhüllen für Telefone, Kartenhalter, Reisepasstaschen, Lederhüllen für Tablets, Laptophüllen, Schminktaschen, Telefonhüllen gegen Strahlung, Tablet-Hüllen gegen RFID, Hundegeschirr, Hundehalsband, Haustier Leinen, Haustier-Wandertasche und andere verwandte Lederprodukte. Das von uns ausgewählte Material umfasst PU-Leder, echtes Leder, Nylon, Stoff, Neopren usw. Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Anpassung Ihres Ledermaterials und dem Druck Ihres Musters auf Ihre Produkte. Grandshine ist in der Lage, eine vollständige Palette von Produktentwicklungslösungen anzubieten, um Ihr Budget mit guter Qualität für spezielle Projekte zu reduzieren.

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