Mass Production & Assembly

Product Manufacturing

Grandshine has 20 years of OEM/ODM manufacturing experience in plastic products and leather products. We provide a full range of manufacturing processes services, including product design, mold development, mass production, secondary processing, electronic assembly and packaging of the entire production process. At Grandshine, you can enjoy one-stop service. All our batch production follows the SOP production standard of ISO9001:2015, and ensures that all mass produced items are top quality and certified by Rohs, CE, FCC, Reach and UKCA.

Mass Production

At Grandshine, we attach great importance to production efficiency and quality standards, we introduce fully automated injection molding production workshops and follow the ISO9001 international standard quality management system. At all stages of the product life cycle, including design and development, procurement, production and assembly, we implement strict production control, documentation management, inspection and testing, as well as non-conformance control, correction and prevention control.

In the procurement of raw materials, we use a systematic supplier selection, evaluation and procurement process to ensure that the raw materials and services purchased meet high quality standards. In terms of production process control, we implement standardized production process management, adopt fully automated robot production process control, carry out regular equipment maintenance, and implement SOP operation instructions in line with quality standards.

We ensure that all production and products are inspected and tested after completion to ensure that products meet high quality standards and pass Rosh, CE, FCC, Reach and UKCA certification standards. We are determined to prevent non-conforming products from entering the market or reoccurring, and provide customers with reliable products.

Grandshine product manufacturing
product assembly

Products Assembly

For any product manufactured at Grandshine, we are committed to providing assembly and secondary processing services for our customers. We offer assembly services for plastic parts, silicone components, and even metal hardware, ensuring that all components are assembled according to design specifications. Our factory is equipped with three complete assembly lines, and our skilled workers undergo professional training to ensure that all parts are correctly connected, coordinated, and assembled to form standardized products.

In addition, we offer electronic component assembly services. With experienced FPC PCBA suppliers and SMT processing facilities, we can manufacture various electronic products. Our expertise extends to installing these electronic components in the appropriate locations and integrating them into plastic casings. We also have a range of electronic product aging and functionality testing equipment, ensuring that each electronic product operates correctly.

With our comprehensive assembly capabilities, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet customer specifications and requirements.


Grandshine attaches great importance to product packaging, we have a stable packaging supply chain, can assist customers to choose a variety of packaging methods, including custom packaging design, color box packaging, transparent packaging, carton packaging, polyester bag packaging, wooden box packaging, leather packaging, etc. We will assist you in printing the company logo and design on the packaging, and consider the protection of the product in the packaging to prevent the product from being squeezed, scratched or damaged in transit. Before the product is shipped, we perform a six-sided drop test to ensure that the product remains intact during transportation.

Grandshine packing service
rubber spray

Coating or Surface Treatment

In the plastic product manufacturing process, we use different surface treatment processes to meet the different needs of the final product to ensure that the product has a beautiful and stylish appearance. Common surface treatments include spray, rubberized coating, electroplating, screen printing, thermal transfer, film, UV coating, laser engraving, two-color injection molding, polishing, sandblasting, water transfer printing, pattern UV printing, Hot Stamping Gol, Hot Stamping Silver, and IMD. No matter what surface treatment process you need, Grandshine can help you complete and produce stylish products for you.

Pattern Printing

Pattern Printing is applicable to a variety of industries, ranging from custom products, decorations to industrial products, providing customers with a variety of design choices. The following three pattern printing processes are usually used in the production of our plastic products:

UV Printing (UV Printing):
UV printing A digital printing technology using ultraviolet light curing ink. After the ink is sprayed onto the surface of the product, it quickly solidifies through ultraviolet exposure to form a durable pattern or text. UV printing is widely used in plastic products, glass, metal, leather and other materials, suitable for the production of signs, billboards, decorations and so on.

Water Transfer Printing/Water Transfer Imaging/Water Transfer Decal:
Water transfer prints a pattern on the surface of an object through the surface tension of water. The pattern is first printed on the water, and then the product is immersed in water, and the pattern sticks to the surface of the product. Water transfer printing is common in auto parts, household items, mobile phone cases, etc., which can achieve colorful and complex patterns.

Heat Transfer Printing:
Thermal transfer is a printing technique that transfers a pattern or print to another surface by heat and pressure, usually using thermal transfer paper and a thermal transfer machine. Heat transfer printing is widely used in clothing, hats, ceramics, plastic products, etc., which can achieve high-quality and durable pattern printing.

We can provide you with the above three types of pattern printing processes to meet your product design and manufacturing needs.

pattern printing

ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certificate

Grandshine’s factories are ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system certification, ISO4001:2015 Environmental Management system certification and BSCI Level B factory audited, which proves that we meet international standards in terms of product quality, environmental management and social responsibility. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality, environmentally friendly products and focus on the well-being and social responsibility of our employees



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    Injection Molding Manufacturer / Low-Volume Plastic Manufacturing

    Finding a trusted partner for low-volume injection molding is essential in the fast-moving world of product development and startup ventures. Großglanz, a leading injection molding manufacturer, steps in to provide tailored solutions to fulfill the unique needs of innovative projects and new businesses.

    Whether you are looking for low-volume products for market testing or struggling with a limited budget, Grandshine is here to help you grow. 500-1000pcs moq is supported for your new products development.

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