Logo Print

Logo Print

To address the challenges faced by our customers in other factories, we have listened to their feedback. Many customers reported issues such as high Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) for logo printing elsewhere, along with concerns about color inaccuracies, unclear printing, easy peeling, and inaccuracies in size and placement. In response, Grandshine has introduced a custom logo printing service to assist our customers. This service ensures clear, precise, and durable logo printing across a variety of products.

Custom Logo Printing

In the logo printing process, we offer several secondary logo processing techniques, including silk print logo, laser print logo, UV print logo, and 3D printing logo. Our professional engineers will select the logo process based on the material of your product. For example, if your product is a plastic phone case, we can use silk print logo, UV print logo, and 3D printing logo. If your product quantity is relatively small, we can also provide logo laser for secondary logo print. For alloy metal or wood products, we can use laser logo to achieve your company logo printing. To ensure the accuracy of logo color and placement, we provide logo rendering and pre-production confirmation samples before logo printing. If you want to custom logo printing, you can contact us or send us your products, we can provide business logo printing services for you.




in-mold logo

In-Mold Logo

In-Mold Logo is a manufacturing process that involves injecting color or material with a logo directly into the product mold, allowing the pattern or logo to be formed during the product molding process. We always put your brand logo into mould drawing when design mould 3D drawing. In-mold logo on products is more durable and less prone to wear, fading or peeling. In-Mold Logo is commonly applied in injection-molded products or silicone mould products, such as plastic parts and silicone products.

If you wish to incorporate In-Mold Logo into your products, you will need to custom design a set of molds, which will become your personal property. Grandshine offers customized mold services for In-Mold Logo. Feel free to inquire about our In-Mold logo services and embark on your unique branding journey.

Logo Print Testing

Regardless of the logo print technique employed, we conduct alcohol and abrasion tests on each logo to ensure correctness, durability, and clear visibility.

logo abrasion test
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    Logo Print
    Large Plastic Mold Maker / ISO14001:2015 Certificated Factory

    As one ISO14001:2015 certificated and ISO9001:2015 certificated large plastic mould maker, Grandshine has always been concerned about environmental protection and sustainability, and ISO 14001 is an environmental management system standard that helps to manage and reduce environmental impact.

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