Dragonne pour tablette

Dragonne pour tablette

Grandshine offers a variety of tablet hand strap options for customers using industrial tablets, including a swivelable hand strap holder, a comfortable leather iPad hand holder, a shoulder strap in various print designs and a simple lightweight brief handle. Grandshine is specialized in providing high quality rugged case, hand strap and other power supply accessories solutions for your industrial tablets, mobile computers, PDAs and other mobile terminal devices.

Ipad Hand Holder

Grandshine’s iPad hand strap is our universal tablet hand strap holder designed for all iPad, Surface Pro, rugged tablet and other tablet models. As a patented product of Grandshine, it consists of three parts:

First, the padding on the bottom provides a comfortable feel, and the soft leather helps protect the tablet from scratches. Second, the adjustable strap in the padding corner is equipped with different button accessories, such as D buckle, silicone buckle, and small accessories that can lock screws, which can be adjusted according to different tablet sizes, making the whole hand strap suitable for various types of tablets. A hands-free experience for your tablet; Finally, the 360-degree rotatable hand holder, which you can adjust to the size of your hand and the entire hand holder, allows you to rotate 360 degrees to any Angle that fits your tablet screen for perfect comfort.

If you are interested in becoming an agent for this Grandshine hand strap, please feel free to contact our teams in the USA and China. We look forward to working with you to promote this premium product.

grandshine tablet hand strap
Tablet Shoulder Strap

Tablet Shoulder Strap

This unique shoulder strap can add a touch of color to your life and change the monotonous shoulder strap experience. It is made of 1.5-inch wide high quality canvas fabric nylon material, equipped with durable alloy buckle.This shoulder strap allows you to print variou patterns design, matching the color of your handbag or tablet case. This shoulder holster is designed to provide a crossboy experience, achieving a hand free experience.

With a cross body design, this tablet shoulder strap allows for arm freedom, making it easier to carry your device. Considering that a rugged tablet device is generally weighs between 1.5kg and 2kg, holding such a device for a long time can be a certain burden on the arm. As a result, this universal shoulder strap is designed to allow you to hang the heavy sturdy tablet on your body, reducing the burden of hand-holding and providing a more convenient carrying experience. Whether you are at work or daily use, this shoulder strap can bring you a more comfortable feeling.

Ipad Handle Strap

If you are not interested in the above two types of hand strap, we also offer a simple handle strap. This handle strap needs to work with your rugged tablet cases, or if you have two nut bits on your industrial tablet, you can also lock this brief handle. This brief handle is available in both PU and PVC materials, with the strongest nylon strap in the middle to ensure firmness during use. This brief handle makes it easy to carry your rugged tablet to your workplace anywhere.

If you need to customize your tablet handle strap, Grandshine will be your professional manufacturer. We look forward to providing you with customized solutions to meet your needs.

ipad handle strap
  • Handstrap For Industrial ComputerHandstrap For Industrial Computer
    Dragonne pour tablette
    Handstrap For Industrial Computer

    Welcome to Grandshine factory, an expert in producing industrial tablet computer accessories. We pride ourselves in offering customized services that meet the unique needs of you. With our expertise and advanced technology, we are capable of designing and producing handstraps that will match the specification of your industrial tablet computer.

    Our hand strap is made of a composite material including rubber, nylon, and PU, with a carrying capacity of up to 40 kilograms. The adjustable width ensures that it supports a variety of industrial tablet computers sizes. Additionally, our hand straps are shock resistant, waterproof, durable, and include a thick sponge cushion on their backside to provide added comfort and convenience during use. Users will appreciate the quick-release buckle, which enables easy removal and replacement of the tablet during maintenance and servicing.

    Our customization services begin with an initial consultation to understand your requirements and the tablet’s specific needs. Once we have an understanding of the specifications needed, our team designs a hand strap that can adequately address your unique needs. We incorporate features like adjustable straps, comfortable grips, and reinforced attachment points.

    We can also produce handstraps in a variety of colors or print customized logos or text on the handstrap to match your corporate identity. Our team uses the latest printing technologies that guarantee a superior finish and maximum durability., we offer flexibility in terms of the quantity ordered, providing you with options for small quantities or bulk orders.

    Our high-quality materials and precision design ensure that the final product is tailored to enhance the functionality of your industrial tablet computer. Contact us today to learn more about our customization services and experience the quality of our handstraps firsthand.

  • Dragonne GS6 pour tabletteDragonne GS6 pour tablette
    Tablette industrielle
    Dragonne Grandshine GS6 pour tablette

    Emportez-vous toujours votre tablette au travail ? Tenez-vous votre tablette d'une seule main ? Utilisez-vous des tablettes pour la gestion de la fabrication ou d'autres domaines de l'industrie ? Ce support de dragonne GS6 offre une commodité et une sécurité ultimes.    

    La dragonne pour tablette Grandshine GS6 comprend 4 sangles élastiques évolutives avec un pavé tactile doux pour obtenir une expérience de manipulation parfaite pour vos tablettes industrielles robustes ou votre lecteur de livre électronique. Dragonne pour tablette GS6 sécurisée à une seule main, de sorte que vous pouvez lire, faire de l'exercice, travailler ou effectuer des opérations commerciales pendant des heures sans craindre la chute de la tablette ou la fatigue des mains qui accompagne souvent la tenue d'une tablette robuste plus lourde pendant une longue période.

Tablet hand strap is a portable strap specially designed for tablet computers. It is usually installed on the back or side of the tablet device, aiming to provide users with a more convenient way to hold or carry tablet, and effectively reduce the arm fatigue caused by using tablet computers. Grandshine’s tablet hand strap is made of soft and strong materials such as leather, rubber, nylon and polyester to ensure comfort and durability.

The design of the tablet hand strap is ergonomic, which can effectively reduce the fatigue and pressure when holding the tablet, and provide users with a more comfortable experience. Applicable to warehousing, retail, industrial manufacturing, health care and other industrial and commercial fields. Grandshine’s tablet hand strap features an adjustable size that allows users to adjust according to their wrist size for the best carrying experience. In addition, the strap supports 360-degree rotation, allowing users to view and use the tablet from different angles, providing greater flexibility.

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