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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is a common process for making plastic parts and plastic products. The process works by injecting heated plastic material into a mold, allowing it to cool and harden in the mold, ultimately forming the desired part or product. Plastic injection molding are used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, consumer goods, medical devices, industrial components, furniture accessories, communication devices, packaging, sports and outdoor equipment.

Injection Moulding Manufacturers

The key to ensuring high quality products is to choose high quality precision molds for production. In the process of looking for injection mold manufacturers, you will be faced with a variety of prices provided by different factories, there are cheap mold quotes, there are expensive mold quotes, which makes the choice quite difficult.
Once you choose the wrong supplier, you may face the problem of prolonged mold lead time, poor mold quality, short mold life and high product defect rate. However, not all high-priced molds are necessary, so it is particularly important to choose a trusted, reliable quality and reasonable price mold factory.
Grandshine is your best choice of mold factory, we have rich experience in mold development in the United States,China and Singapore.we have excellent engineering team, and our factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI B level a series of audited certifications. We are committed to providing you with high quality and affordable injection moulds.

injection moulding manufacturers
Injection Molding Inserts

Insert Molding

Grandshine is one of insert molding manufacturer, we provide custom insert molding to combines plastic and metal materials, allowing metal inserts in plastic parts. This insert molding technologies integrates the characteristics of both plastic and metal materials, providing diverse possibilities for applications.

Materials used in Insert Molding injection include:
Plastic: Plastic serves as the primary base material in Insert Moulding. Plastic insert molding materials include Polypropylene, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PET and POM.
Metal insert plastic injection moulding were applied in industry: bolts, electronic elements, connectors, etc. Common metal materials include steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

Insert Molding products offers the combined advantages of enhanced product strength, streamlined assembly processes, material savings, and increased design flexibility by seamlessly integrating threaded inserts for plastic injection molding.

Molding Over Molding

Grandshine has extensive experience in over molding, our products are widely used by major airlines such as United Airlines in the United States and Lufthansa in Germany.

Our co-molded products exhibit strong adhesion, successfully passing rigorous tests including a 10-meter(3ft) drop test and a tension violence test. These overmolded parts feature a 4-grade resistance to yellowing and oxidation. The injection overmolding products from our company showcase a seamless fusion of two materials, imperceptible to both touch and the naked eye. Our over molding technology is on par with the precision molding techniques of Japan and Germany.

Grandshine offer PC+TPU overmolding injection molding, PC+Silicone plastic overmolding, PC+TPE co injection moulding, TPU+TPE overmolds and other insert overmolding. Grandshine is your best choice of plastic mould company.

Molding Over Molding
CNC michining

Plastic Mold Texture

Plastic mold texture is the process of creating a texture or pattern on the surface of the mold so that the surface of the final plastic product has a specific texture or pattern. This process is mainly through the use of a special surface treatment such as a scrub tool, chemical treatment or polishing tool in the mold or the addition of a texture board to produce the desired appearance and touch effect on the plastic product. The texture choice of plastic mold is leather texture, wood texture, hemp texture, mesh texture, wave texture, grass texture, pearlescent texture, the most common mold texture is mt11010 matte texture and smooth polishing. You can specify a specific texture number or give us a sample of the plastic mold texture you want, so that we can develop the texture you want for the plastic mold.

Plastic Mold Manufacturer

If you consistently encounter issues such as delayed mold delivery, poor mold quality, lack of precision in molds, short mold lifespan, coarse parting lines in plastic components, high product defect rates, contamination, uneven color, fragility of injection-molded parts, or the inclusion of recycled materials in your products, it may be time to seek out a new plastic mold manufacturer. Grandshine is a professional plastic mold manufacturer with 20 years of experience in injection molding and silicone molding.

We are committed to delivering high-quality molds and plastic products. Our promise includes using entirely new steel for mold production and fresh raw materials for product manufacturing. Each project has a dedicated project management team overseeing every step from product design and mold production to large-scale manufacturing, all adhering to the ISO9001:2015 international quality management standard. This ensures that every product we produce for you is of high precision and quality.

Furthermore, with offices in the United States and Singapore, we provide excellent local after-sales service. If you are in need of a new plastic mold factory, Grandshine is undoubtedly your top choice.

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture Video

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Advantages Of Oem Manufacturing

500K Mold Life
Grandshine-developed molds have a lifespan of 300,000 to 500,000 new product development life cycle, ensuring long-term stability in product planning and development. We are ISO9001 certified, and our new product process have received ROHS, CE, FCC, and REACH certifications, guaranteeing high-quality and compliant products for you.
Qiuck Lead Time
Grandshine always stands from your perspective, offering high-quality injection mold making and product manufacturing within your budget. Additionally, we provide a rapid molding manufacturing turnaround of 15-25 days, enabling you to swiftly introduce new products or meet market demands.
Accurate Design
Grandshine assigns dedicated project engineers for each project to ensure comprehensive project management. Before plastic injection mold tooling, we provide clients with 3D and 2D drawings for confirmation and offer quick prototyping for validation. This process ensures that the mold design aligns with the client’s product requirements and specifications, meeting all functional, aesthetic, and performance criteria.
To facilitate customer market expansion and ease inventory constraints, Grandshine offers production support with a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) ranging from 500 to 1000. This approach allows customers to confidently enter the market with minimal inventory pressures. Reach out to Grandshine now to kickstart the development of your new products!
  • precision injection moldingprecision plastic molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Precision Injection Molding / Made In Malaysia

    Grand éclat is a leading manufacturer of precision injection molding with a strong presence in China and Malaysia. Grandshine provides top-tier injection molding services for various industries due to its commitment to precision and excellence.

    Our global footprint ensures that we can help you save on import tariffs by providing manufacturing in Malaysia. In contrast, our extensive industry coverage ensures we can meet your specific requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • injection molds for saleplastic injection molds
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Plastic Injection Molds – ISO9001 Factory

    Plastic injection molds play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, resulting in a wide range of everyday products. However, customers face numerous challenges when it comes to these molds. That’s why Grand éclat, a leading mold manufacturing industry, addresses these problems in the right way.

    In the world of injection molds, the challenges customers face can be significant, affecting product quality, sustainability, and efficiency. However, Grandshine is a trusted solution provider for these challenges due to its design expertise, high-quality materials, and precision manufacturing. If you choose Grandshine, you choose sustainability, excellence, and ethical manufacturing.

  • custom moldersinjection mold making
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Professional New Products OEM/ODM Custom Molders

    Nowadays, staying ahead in the competitive business market needs constant innovation and the ability to bring new, exciting products to your customers. One way to achieve this is through Grandshine’s OEM/ ODM custom molder service. In the world of custom molders, Grand éclat is your trusted partner for transforming your product ideas into reality.

    Grandshine’s OEM/ODM custom molding services are your gateway to successful new product development. You can confidently innovate and bring exceptional products to the market by getting help from Grandshine’s expertise. Contact Grandshine today and take the first step toward turning your product ideas into reality.

  • Top 3 Plastic Molding Manufacturers in Shenzhenplastic molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Top 3 Plastic Molding Manufacturers in Shenzhen

    Plastic molding has become a crucial process in the rapidly evolving world of manufacturing and product development. It provides a versatile and cost-effective way of producing a wide range of products. Grand éclat, a leading company in the field of injection molding, has become a trusted name in the industry as it offers numerous advantages that make it different from its competitors.

    This listing highlights Grandshine’s molding capabilities, how you will benefit from customizing your molding needs with them, and shows some successful projects that ensure their commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Polypropylene MoldingPolypropylene Molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Polypropylene Molding / Reasonable Price Molding Manufacture

    Polypropylene manufacturing is a cost-effective and versatile manufacturing process with a wide range of applications across a variety of industries. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic addition polymer commonly used in injection molding applications. Due to its semi-crystalline nature, it has high flexural strength.

    Let’s take a deeper look at the features of polypropylene molding and how you can benefit from strategic partnerships with companies like.

  • molding servicesplastic injection molding service
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Plastic Injection Molding Service- 20 Years Experience

    Plastic injection molding service refers to a manufacturing process employed in the mass fabrication of various plastic parts. It is primarily preferable for the production of large volumes of plastic components due to its precision, versatility, and efficiency.

    Molding services include an injection of molten plastic into the mold, where it cools and takes on its final shape. The customization of the mold is done during tooling, resulting in the shape of the part. Consequently, you can create numerous identical and uniform-dimension parts in addition to complex designed parts and those that only bear low dimensional tolerance.

    Plastic injection molding services are utilized in various industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics, consumer goods, and more. The key aspects of these services include mold creation, material selection, melting and injection, cooling, ejection, quality control, and repetition.

  • plastic molding productsInjection Molding Products
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Injection Molding Products / 10-25 Days Fast Delivery Mold Tooling

    In recent years, there are significant advancements being witnessed in the world of manufacturing. However, mold design and manufacturing stand at the forefront of this progress. Precision and mold quality are crucial elements in various industries, from consumer goods to automotive and aerospace. Grand éclat stands out as a leading manufacturing industry when it comes to injection molding products, with Japan’s modern production equipment, automation, and robotics.

    In this listing, we will explore the capabilities of Grandshine, with 20 years of experience, equipped with the latest technology and expertise, and its high-quality mold design and manufacturing services. So, let’s start.

  • large part injection moldinglarge injection molding
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    Large Plastic Mold Maker / ISO14001:2015 Certificated Factory

    As one ISO14001:2015 certificated and ISO9001:2015 certificated large plastic mould maker, Grandshine has always been concerned about environmental protection and sustainability, and ISO 14001 is an environmental management system standard that helps to manage and reduce environmental impact.

  • Injection Moldingcustom molded plastic
    Injection Mold Tooling
    USA Standard Injection Molding / USA Local Office

    In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, companies in the United States are constantly looking for innovative solutions to fulfill their custom injection molding needs. Grand éclat USA, having its local office and modern assembly line, has originated as a leading player in the industry, providing numerous benefits to American customers.

    Grandshine USA has placed itself as a frontline partner for injection molding services. The company offers a wide range of unique benefits, including exceptional quality, competitive pricing, local accessibility, and a full set of services. Although businesses continue to adapt to the evolving demands of the manufacturing industry, Grandshine USA remains a trusted partner, looking forward to exceeding the expectations of American customers.

  • plastic parts manufacturingcustom molded plastic parts
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Custom Plastic Parts / Factory in China, USA, Singapore, Malaysia

    in today’s manufacturing industry, the demand for custom plastic parts has been increasing day by day. These components have numerous applications in different industries, from electronics and automotive to medical devices and consumer products.

    Grand éclat is a leading name in the world of custom plastic parts manufacturing. At Grandshine, we are ready to meet your specific requirements due to various molding processes and expert material selection. Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation is a promise that you get the perfect solution for your unique applications.

    Your search for a dedicated partner will end after choosing Grandshine. Your project deserves the precision, expertise, and dedication we can provide. So, let’s embark on the journey of custom plastic manufacturing, depending on your requirements.

  • Custom Plastic Moldingcustom molded plastic
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Custom Plastic Molding / 350K Long Mold Life

    In the manufacturing world, the importance of a durable and reliable mold can’t be exaggerated. A well-crafted mold is what makes the production processes efficient and cost-effective. Unfortunately, many manufacturers deal with the frustration of newly manufactured molds breaking after a few batches. Are you one of them? Do you witness the gradual deterioration of your molds after some time? Such challenges decrease product quality and result in increased production costs.

    Take it easy because that’s where a reputable mold manufacturing factory like Grand éclat steps in to make a difference. At Grandshine, we are leading manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and promise to benefit you with our experienced team.

  • plastic mold manufacturerTop 3 Plastic Molding Manufacturers in Shenzhen
    Injection Mold Tooling
    BSCI B Audited Injection Molding Companies

    Grand éclat is a leading name among plastic injection molding companies that offers a wide range of plastic molding solutions. Due to our dedication to excellence, we offer BSCI B-level certified services. Our commitment is to meet the highest industry standards when it comes to quality, social responsibility, and ethics.

    Grandshine Injection Molding is a trusted partner for BSCI B-level injection molding services. We maintain ethical and sustainable practices, offer reliable mold maintenance, and have a history of satisfied customers who witnessed our quality and commitment.

    We are dedicated to your success. So, connect with us today to feel the difference of working with a BSCI B-level certified injection molding company.

Grandshine is a professional injection moulding product manufacturer, providing you with precision injection, plastic injection mold tooling, plastic injection overmolding, plastic injection molding inserts, abs plastic molding, medical plastic injection molding, automative injection molding, PC plastic die mould and other injection molding services. We usually use high temperature and chemical corrosion resistant S136 steel as the mold material, after 52 degrees of mold and hard heat treatment, to ensure that your mold has 300K-500K mold life.

We focus on high quality product quality standards and fast production cycles, usually able to develop a complete set of molds for you in 15-25 days and put into mass production. If you need a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) and want to choose an ISO9001, ISO14001 and BSCI certified plastic injection molding manufacturer, Grandshine is the best choice for you.

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