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    Custom Retail Packaging

    If you do not find a reliable packaging supplier, we can help you customize high quality packaging products. We have a reputable packaging factory partner, can produce customized carton retail packaging, transparent PET packaging, Poly Bag packaging, cloth bags and other packaging. Our packaging offers a variety of secondary selection processes, including embossing, UV coating, gold stamping, silver stamping, matte finish, printing, silver card and more. Our packaging suppliers use fully automatic packaging production lines, if you need our assistance in the production of packaging, please contact us.

  • Panda silicone night lightPanda silicone night light
    molde de silicone
    Cute Bear Silicone Night Light

    This Winnie the Pooh silicone night light features a washable silicone body with a delightfully soft touch. Crafted in the shape of a bear, this silicone night lamp offers a versatile lighting solution for children of all ages. Whether serving as a comforting bedside companion or providing a gentle glow for a child’s room, it instills a sense of safety at night.

    Made from 100% soft food-safe silicone, including a rechargeable silicone night light, and CE certified, this lamp is rechargeable via USB connector. The design incorporates PC material and features three adjustable tapping modes, offering a brightness of 3000K lumens. The adorable bear shape makes it an instant favorite as a child’s best silicone led light companion

  • precision injection moldingprecision plastic molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Precision Injection Molding / Made In Malaysia

    Grandshine is a leading manufacturer of precision injection molding with a strong presence in China and Malaysia. Grandshine provides top-tier injection molding services for various industries due to its commitment to precision and excellence.

    Our global footprint ensures that we can help you save on import tariffs by providing manufacturing in Malaysia. In contrast, our extensive industry coverage ensures we can meet your specific requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • injection molds for saleplastic injection molds
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Plastic Injection Molds – ISO9001 Factory

    Plastic injection molds play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, resulting in a wide range of everyday products. However, customers face numerous challenges when it comes to these molds. That’s why Grandshine, a leading mold manufacturing industry, addresses these problems in the right way.

    In the world of injection molds, the challenges customers face can be significant, affecting product quality, sustainability, and efficiency. However, Grandshine is a trusted solution provider for these challenges due to its design expertise, high-quality materials, and precision manufacturing. If you choose Grandshine, you choose sustainability, excellence, and ethical manufacturing.

  • custom moldersinjection mold making
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Professional New Products OEM/ODM Custom Molders

    Nowadays, staying ahead in the competitive business market needs constant innovation and the ability to bring new, exciting products to your customers. One way to achieve this is through Grandshine’s OEM/ ODM custom molder service. In the world of custom molders, Grandshine is your trusted partner for transforming your product ideas into reality.

    Grandshine’s OEM/ODM custom molding services are your gateway to successful new product development. You can confidently innovate and bring exceptional products to the market by getting help from Grandshine’s expertise. Contact Grandshine today and take the first step toward turning your product ideas into reality.

  • Top 3 Plastic Molding Manufacturers in Shenzhenplastic molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Top 3 Plastic Molding Manufacturers in Shenzhen

    Plastic molding has become a crucial process in the rapidly evolving world of manufacturing and product development. It provides a versatile and cost-effective way of producing a wide range of products. Grandshine, a leading company in the field of injection molding, has become a trusted name in the industry as it offers numerous advantages that make it different from its competitors.

    This listing highlights Grandshine’s molding capabilities, how you will benefit from customizing your molding needs with them, and shows some successful projects that ensure their commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Polypropylene MoldingPolypropylene Molding
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Polypropylene Molding / Reasonable Price Molding Manufacture

    Polypropylene manufacturing is a cost-effective and versatile manufacturing process with a wide range of applications across a variety of industries. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic addition polymer commonly used in injection molding applications. Due to its semi-crystalline nature, it has high flexural strength.

    Let’s take a deeper look at the features of polypropylene molding and how you can benefit from strategic partnerships with companies like.

  • molding servicesplastic injection molding service
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Plastic Injection Molding Service- 20 Years Experience

    Plastic injection molding service refers to a manufacturing process employed in the mass fabrication of various plastic parts. It is primarily preferable for the production of large volumes of plastic components due to its precision, versatility, and efficiency.

    Molding services include an injection of molten plastic into the mold, where it cools and takes on its final shape. The customization of the mold is done during tooling, resulting in the shape of the part. Consequently, you can create numerous identical and uniform-dimension parts in addition to complex designed parts and those that only bear low dimensional tolerance.

    Plastic injection molding services are utilized in various industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics, consumer goods, and more. The key aspects of these services include mold creation, material selection, melting and injection, cooling, ejection, quality control, and repetition.

  • plastic molding productsInjection Molding Products
    Injection Mold Tooling
    Injection Molding Products / 10-25 Days Fast Delivery Mold Tooling

    In recent years, there are significant advancements being witnessed in the world of manufacturing. However, mold design and manufacturing stand at the forefront of this progress. Precision and mold quality are crucial elements in various industries, from consumer goods to automotive and aerospace. Grandshine stands out as a leading manufacturing industry when it comes to injection molding products, with Japan’s modern production equipment, automation, and robotics.

    In this listing, we will explore the capabilities of Grandshine, with 20 years of experience, equipped with the latest technology and expertise, and its high-quality mold design and manufacturing services. So, let’s start.

  • low volume plastic manufacturinginjection molding supplier
    Mass Production & Assembly
    Injection Molding Manufacturer / Low-Volume Plastic Manufacturing

    Finding a trusted partner for low-volume injection molding is essential in the fast-moving world of product development and startup ventures. Grandshine, a leading injection molding manufacturer, steps in to provide tailored solutions to fulfill the unique needs of innovative projects and new businesses.

    Whether you are looking for low-volume products for market testing or struggling with a limited budget, Grandshine is here to help you grow. 500-1000pcs moq is supported for your new products development.

  • large part injection moldinglarge injection molding
    Logo Print
    Large Plastic Mold Maker / ISO14001:2015 Certificated Factory

    As one ISO14001:2015 certificated and ISO9001:2015 certificated large plastic mould maker, Grandshine has always been concerned about environmental protection and sustainability, and ISO 14001 is an environmental management system standard that helps to manage and reduce environmental impact.

  • Injection Moldingcustom molded plastic
    Injection Mold Tooling
    USA Standard Injection Molding / USA Local Office

    In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, companies in the United States are constantly looking for innovative solutions to fulfill their custom injection molding needs. Grandshine USA, having its local office and modern assembly line, has originated as a leading player in the industry, providing numerous benefits to American customers.

    Grandshine USA has placed itself as a frontline partner for injection molding services. The company offers a wide range of unique benefits, including exceptional quality, competitive pricing, local accessibility, and a full set of services. Although businesses continue to adapt to the evolving demands of the manufacturing industry, Grandshine USA remains a trusted partner, looking forward to exceeding the expectations of American customers.

Grandshine is a new product development and manufacturing company, and launch company with factories in China and Malaysia. In addition, we have service teams and assembly lines in Singapore and Los Angeles, USA, to provide convenient support for the new product launch process while enjoying tariff relief import. We focus on plastic product design and manufacturing, including custom plastic design, AutoCAD mold design, plastic parts prototype fabrication, electronic prototyping and other initial product planning and development.

In the middle stage of the new product process, we provide services such as silicone rubber mold making, plastic injection mold making, over-molding, threaded inserts plastic molding, PCB fabrication, metal manufacturing and product batch production. Throughout these processes, our factory strictly follow international quality and environmental standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001. We ensure that each product meets the quality requirements of our customers and is certified by RoHS, FCC, CE, REACH and UKCA.

During large scale production, we introduce manufacturing automation and precision manufacturing, setting up a dedicated new product development team for each project. This one-stop approach ensures a seamless experience from initial design to mass production. In secondary processing, we provide logo printing on products as well as surface treatments such as frosting, polishing, plating, spraying, pattern printing, etc.

If assembly is required, we have three specialized assembly lines to assemble a wide range of plastic and electronic products. Whether you are looking for a new volume manufacturing facility or are dissatisfied with the service of your current supplier, get in touch with our international customers to find out what they think. You will find that Grandshine is the best Chinese factory for your plastic products.

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