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Silicone Mold Making

Grandshine is a company with its own silicone mold making supplies, we have accumulated long-term manufacturing experience in silicone daily products and food grade silicone. We focus on providing our customers with custom made silicone molds solutions to meet their specific needs. We use a dust-free silicone production workshop, in strict compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 industry certification standards. All products must comply with Rohs, Reach standards, and FDA certification.

Custom Silicone Molds

Grandshine has 15 years of manufacturing experience in custom silicone molds. We have successfully provided phone rugged cases and tablet rugged cases for brands such as Incipio, Case-Mate, Otterbox, Tech 21, Griffin, Wiko and more. Equipped with efficient and precise silicone rubber mold manufacturing equipment, we are dedicated to offering customized services for various silicone products. Our mold development time is as short as 7-15 days.

custom silicone molds
liquid silicone rubber bottle

Liquid Silicone Rubber

In the field of liquid silicone rubber product manufacturing, we specialize in producing a variety of baby products and outdoor sports items, including baby pacifiers, baby tableware, baby bibs, silicone coffee cups, outdoor silicone water bottles, smartwatch bands and more. We can develop liquid silicone rubber molding and manufacture liquid silicone products based on your drawings. All our liquid rubber products use food-grade silicone and are certified by RoHS, REACH, and FDA. Feel free to consult Grandshine for customized liquid silicone rubber products.

Silicone Soap Molds

Grandshine provides custom silicone soap molds. For customers with specific size and shape requirements for silicone soap molds, we offer 3d soap molds design services, pre-production sample validation processes, ensuring the manufacturing of exquisite soaps that capture fine details. We have odm manufacturing large soap molds, christmas soap molds, honeycomb soap mold, butterfly soap mold and more. If you encounter any challenges during the silicone molds for soap making, we can provide you with professional mold making solutions.

butterfly soap mold

heart silicone mold

Heart Silicone Mold

Heart silicone mold can be applied in various fields, including:
1) Food Manufacturing: heart shaped silicone mold be used to created chocolates, candies, ice cubes, cakes, pastries and other food items.
2) Craft Making: you can use heart mould silicone to craft candles, soaps, handmade crafts etc
3) DIY Baking: heart shaped mold is suitable for making heart-shaped bread, cookies, and biscuits in DIY baking projects.
4) Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts: you can diy silicone mold for ice cream, frostings, popsicles, and other frozen desserts.
5) Floral Design: large heart silicone mold can be crafted flower beds, flower pots and floral arrangements.
Pls contact Grandshine now to custom your heart silicone mould today.

Large Silicone Molds

At Grandshine, we offer customized silicone products in various shapes, suitable for multiple fields. Our products include round silicone mold, square silicone mold, rectangular silicone mold, circle silicone mold and various animal shape silicone mold. In particular, our silicone pot molds have won the love of many customers. You can customize the silicone products that meet your requirements here, or you can choose to buy our existing silicone products.

silicone pot molds

Silicone Product Manufacture Video

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Silicone Product Manufacturer

Silicone products have excellent high temperature resistance, can maintain stability in extreme high temperature environments, can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius or more, and some can even reach 300 degrees Celsius. This makes silicone products widely used in high-temperature environments, including but not limited to baking molds, kitchen supplies, food processing equipment, baby pacifiers, baby bottles in the food industry, as well as seals, insulation and vibration mitigation materials in the aerospace field.

Silicone products also have excellent elasticity and flexibility, ensuring that they can be quickly restored in the case of bending, stretching and deformation. This makes silicone products in the field of healthcare, silicone tubes, medical gloves, breast prostheses, automotive seals, waterproof parts, industrial model manufacturing, mobile phone protective cases and other fields are widely used.

In addition, silicone products have good oxidation resistance and weather resistance, and are not easily affected by factors such as oxidation and ultraviolet radiation in the natural environment. Grandshine specializes in the production of silicone products, providing a variety of customized product services, is your trusted excellent silicone products factory supplier.

  • Panda silicone night lightPanda silicone night light
    molde de silicone
    Cute Bear Silicone Night Light

    This Winnie the Pooh silicone night light features a washable silicone body with a delightfully soft touch. Crafted in the shape of a bear, this silicone night lamp offers a versatile lighting solution for children of all ages. Whether serving as a comforting bedside companion or providing a gentle glow for a child’s room, it instills a sense of safety at night.

    Made from 100% soft food-safe silicone, including a rechargeable silicone night light, and CE certified, this lamp is rechargeable via USB connector. The design incorporates PC material and features three adjustable tapping modes, offering a brightness of 3000K lumens. The adorable bear shape makes it an instant favorite as a child’s best silicone led light companion

  • molde de siliconemolde de silicone
    molde de silicone
    Molde de silicone personalizado Grandshine

    O serviço de molde de silicone personalizado da Grandshine fornece fabricação profissional de moldes de borracha de silicone OEM/ODM e produção em massa para o desenvolvimento de novos produtos.

    Ao contrário de outros produtos de silicone, você pode sentir um forte cheiro de borracha de silicone porque eles usam material de silicone de baixa qualidade. A Grandshine adota a matéria-prima de silicone 100% livre de BPA, segura para alimentos, para fabricar seus produtos de silicone e todos os produtos passaram pelo certificado Rohs Reach. Além disso, a Grandshine adiciona apenas agente vulcanizante de platina de qualidade alimentar e todos os nossos produtos de silicone devem ser finalizados em 3 horas a 428 ° F (220 ° C) de desinfecção a vácuo de alta temperatura antes do envio.

    Você não sentirá mais cheiro de borracha/silicone e não terá gosto de plástico. Isso faz com que nossos produtos de silicone sejam seguros o suficiente e ecologicamente corretos.

    Grandshine trabalha como fabricante profissional de moldes. Temos 20 anos de experiência na construção de moldes de borracha de silicone e no fornecimento de soluções de produção em massa para todos os seus produtos de silicone. A Grandshine é capaz de fornecer uma gama completa de soluções de desenvolvimento de produtos para reduzir seu orçamento com boa qualidade para projetos especiais.

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