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Nowadays, staying ahead in the competitive business market needs constant innovation and the ability to bring new, exciting products to your customers. One way to achieve this is through Grandshine’s OEM/ ODM custom molder service. In the world of custom molders, Großglanz is your trusted partner for transforming your product ideas into reality.

Grandshine’s OEM/ODM custom molding services are your gateway to successful new product development. You can confidently innovate and bring exceptional products to the market by getting help from Grandshine’s expertise. Contact Grandshine today and take the first step toward turning your product ideas into reality.

This article highlights the services offered by Grandshine and provides valuable tips on how to develop new products successfully.

Grandshine OEM/ ODM Custom Molders Service

Grandshine is a well-known company specializing in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) solutions. Großglanz offers a wide range of services to help businesses create and customize products according to their unique needs.

Grandshine is here to help whether you are a startup looking to bring a groundbreaking product to the market or an established business that wants to diversify its product line.
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Tips for Developing New Products

Here are some valuable tips that will help you in developing new products:

Market Research

Thorough market research is crucial before you dive into product development. But first, it’s vital to identify your target audience and their needs. You should know market trends, customer preferences, and your competitors. This information will aid you in defining a unique selling proposition (USP) for your product.


The key to any successful product lies in the design. Create detailed product specifications and consider essential factors like aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendliness. If you don’t have in-house design expertise, collaborate with professional designers or engage with the design services offered by plastic mold maker companies like Grandshine.

Finding a Good New Product Development Hersteller

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial for your product’s success. Choose those manufacturers with a strong track record of delivering quality and innovation, such as Grandshine. Make sure these manufacturers are capable of meeting your specific needs and requirements. Grandshine, with its significant experience in OEM/ ODM, can be an excellent choice in this regard.
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Grandshine’s Expertise in New Product Development

Grandshine is an ideal partner when it comes to new product development. Grandshine possesses a professional engineering team that can turn your ideas into actionable plans.

In addition, Grandshine chooses a dedicated project manager to oversee your project from inception to completion. This leads to efficient project execution as well as seamless communication.

Here is why Grandshine can help you with new product development:


Grandshine understands that every project is unique and is ready to bring unique ideas to the table every time. It offers tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements, either its design, manufacturing techniques or materials.

Engineering Expertise

The engineering team of Grandshine are experts and familiar with the latest technologies and trends. The team can provide valuable insights into the injection mold-making process and services and help you optimize your product design.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the product development process, Grandshine maintains stringent quality control measures. Their efforts are a promise that the final product meets the highest standards. In addition, the factory has ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certification, which shows its commitment to maintaining quality standards.

End-to-End Support

Having a dedicated project manager, Grandshine, takes care of every aspect of your project. The team is always at your side, from conceptualization and design to manufacturing and delivery.

Time Efficiency

Großglanz knows the importance of timely delivery. They have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and can speed up the product development cycle.

Cost- Efficiency

Grandshine can help you achieve cost-efficiency without compromising on quality. They do this by streamlining the manufacturing process and leveraging their extensive network.

Contact Grandshine for OEM/ ODM Custom Molders

Großglanz is your go-to partner in your new product development journey. You can get in touch with Grandshine’s team to discuss your project, share your ideas, and get a detailed proposal tailored to your needs. Grandshine’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes them the perfect choice for OEM/ODM custom molders.

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