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In the manufacturing world, the importance of a durable and reliable mold can’t be exaggerated. A well-crafted mold is what makes the production processes efficient and cost-effective. Unfortunately, many manufacturers deal with the frustration of newly manufactured molds breaking after a few batches. Are you one of them? Do you witness the gradual deterioration of your molds after some time? Such challenges decrease product quality and result in increased production costs.

Take it easy because that’s where a reputable mold manufacturing factory like esplendor steps in to make a difference. At Grandshine, we are leading manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and promise to benefit you with our experienced team.

Here’s why Grandshine is the best option for you if you are looking forward to custom plastic molding services:

What Is a Custom Plastic Mold?

A custom plastic mold refers to creating a specialized and unique mold for manufacturing a specific product according to the requirement. Making a plastic mold in line with your particular needs is essential to manufacturing thousands of custom-quality parts.

As a first step in your process, what you need is a team of experts to give you satisfactory results within time. Our manufacturing experts at Grandshine work closely with you at each step. The company aims to provide you with a top-notch quality mold that is unique and designed according to your specifications.

Our plastic molding services include utilizing scientific approaches, analytical tools, and consistent molding processes to give you the best results. Our molding experts are known for collaborating closely with customers so they can deliver high-quality custom plastic parts.

What are the Benefits of Grandshine’s Custom Injection Molding Service?

Custom injection molding is highly beneficial compared to other plastic molding methods. In addition to being a straightforward and more reliable process, here is how custom injection molding can benefit you if you choose Grandshine:

  • Improved efficiency with a higher production rate
  • Enhanced strength
  • Reduced waste
  • Complex part design with a high consistency
  • Material and color options flexibility
  • Lower labor costs than other competitors
  • Your own unique design products to win market
    Custom Plastic Molding

Why Choose esplendor for Your Custom Plastic Molding?


Quality Mold Manufacturing

Grandshine is not just a mold factory; it’s a company that promises to deliver high-quality molds that stand after all this time. If you are dealing with molds that constantly need replacement or end up being scrapped, consider collaborating with Grandshine to remain on the safe side.

Each molded part at Grandshine undergoes inspection and testing to ensure it meets specifications and high-quality standards.

Saving Time and Money

Investing in long-lasting molds is ideal so they can save you time and money in the long run. A good custom plastic molding manufacturer like Grandshine understands the value of your resources. We ensure that you don’t suffer from frequent mold changes or repairs, therefore enhancing your profitability and efficiency.

Grandshine is popular for on-time delivery of orders. Their efficient production scheduling and processes guarantee clients get their custom-molded plastic parts on time without compromising quality.

Factors Ensuring Mold Longevity

To get long-lasting molds and their ability to bear high-intensity and frequent production work, Grandshine plays particular attention to several essential factors:

1. Material Selection

Grandshine prefers materials that have exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high strength. One of the distinguishing features of Grandshine is its versatility in materials.

Whether you demand parts from engineering plastics, standard plastics, or thermoplastics, the experts at Grandshine are capable of molding them according to your specifications. They provide consultation to help their customers find suitable material according to their preferences.

Commonly used mold materials are:

  • H13– A high-temperature tool steel, preferable for thermoplastics and metal molds.
  • D2– A high carbon, high chromium tool steel suitable for cutting molds.
  • P20– This custom-molded plastic material is famous for its rigidity and wear resistance; therefore, it is preferable for plastic molds.

2. Heat Treatment

Using the N52 heat treatment process, Grandshine enhances the hardness and wear resistance of the mold materials. This heat-treating process includes subjecting the mold materials to precise temperatures for a specific time, leading to alternating their microstructure. Consequently, this enhancement significantly improves the service life of the mold to 300K- 500K, benefiting the clients in cost savings.

3. Precise Manufacturing Process

Each Grandshine’s mold undergoes a precise manufacturing process that guarantees each component meets the design specification. This includes precision machining, assembly, and second and third-dimensional inspection.

In second-dimensional inspection, it is crucial to make sure that each component sticks to the two-dimensional standards mentioned in the design specifications. Besides, it evaluates measurements in terms of length, height, and width. However, in three-dimensional inspection, the overall integrity of the mold’s surfaces is accessed, so no imperfections are left behind.

4. Regular Maintenance

We all know that maintenance is the keystone of ensuring mold longevity. When it comes to custom plastic molding, Grandshine promises the maintenance of molds every month by employing its proactive approach. As a result, this approach allows us to identify and repair any damage or wear, maintaining the top performance of your molds.

Through regular maintenance of molds, the maintenance team can identify even minor problems, preventing them from turning into major issues that can disrupt production.

5. Proper Storage

Above all, Grandshine follows appropriate measures to protect the molds that are not in use. The team experts understand that the molds not in use are vulnerable to damage and corrosion if not correctly stored. These measures include applying anti-rust agents that provide a protective barrier to molding surfaces and keeping molds in an ideal environment to avoid damage and corrosion.

Molds are precision-engineered tools, and we understand that any physical damage can lead to costly repairs or replacements. The Grandshine’s team ensures that molds

are appropriately stored to prevent them from any accidental and physical damage. Such care keeps the mold in perfect condition even during the time of non-use.

Precision and Accuracy

At Grandshine, we ensure precision and accuracy at every step of the process of custom plastic molding. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing, the company’s expert engineers and technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that each custom molded plastic part consists of standard quality and dimension.

Prototyping and Testing

Grandshine provides prototyping and testing services before moving to full-scale production. Consequently, clients can evaluate the parts’ functionality and design before demanding mass production of products. In addition, prototyping leads to fine-tuning designs and materials for better performance.

Advanced Custom Injection Molding

Grandshine uses advanced custom injection molding technology, which is cost-effective, efficient, and gives a high volume of custom molded plastic parts in a shorter time. The cutting-edge machinery and precision controls make certain every piece meets the required standards.

Comprehensive Design Support

A robust design is what makes the success of any plastic molding project achievable. The comprehensive design support of Grandshine is based on working closely with clients for design optimization. This collaborative approach improves the molding process’s efficiency and reduces the cost.

Reliability and Reputation

If you are concerned about whether you can trust us or not, here is good news for you. Luckily, we have already provided our services to popular clients. Our customers include Jetblue Airlines, United Airlines, Lenovo, T-Mobile, Wiko Phone, and Case-mate. Your success is our success, and we will stand by you to give you end-to-end solutions to your problem.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Grandshine understands the importance of environmental responsibility. The factory has passed ISO 14001 environmental management standards. That said, the team is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their operations.

The company’s experts use sustainable practices and materials for manufacturing custom-molded plastic parts. These measures reduce waste and energy consumption, making this service a green choice for clients who are environmentally conscious.

How Does the Quality of the Mold at Grandshine Affect Part Quality?

Building a high-quality mold is an initial step to getting high-quality custom-molded plastic parts. However, there are some part defects that can only be dealt with once the injection molding process is complete. To ensure high-quality, long-lasting molds, it’s better to make a plastic mold from your manufacturer that gives good parts without secondary handwork operations.

When it comes to plastic molded parts manufacturers, you can trust no one better than Grandshine, who delivers excellent results within a given time frame.

Grandshine- Your Trusted Partner for Your Custom Plastic Molding Journey

In the era of high-quality mold manufacturers, seeking help from Grandshine for molding services is the best decision one can make. Their commitment to delivering high-quality mold is exceptional, and offers free mold changes and maintenance.

Their dedication makes them suitable partners for manufacturers looking to save money and improve efficiency. The Grandshine experts invest time and energy in communication with clients so they get high-quality molded plastic parts. Our quality management systems ensure to meet our client’s expectations. Our developing processes and procedures are continuously improved to meet the never-ending demands of the manufacturing sector.

So, choose Grandshine today by email: and see how Grandshine can make your next mold-build project a success.

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