High Precision Plastic Injection Molding VS Common Plastics For Injection Molding

Grandshine high precision plastic injection molding

What is high precision plastic injection molding:

high precision plastic injection molding is an advanced plastics processing method that is highly precise and capable of producing complex geometric parts. Advantages include high accuracy, ability to handle complex geometries, high repeatability, superior surface quality, better cost-effectiveness, flexible material selection, and fast production cycles. This manufacturing technology excels in mass production and provides a reliable and economical solution for applications that meet high precision requirements.

high precision plastic injection molding feature:

The dimensions of injection molded parts require high precision and tight tolerances.

To achieve the requirements of high precision plastic injection molding must meet the conditions are:

1, the mold material should be good, rigid enough, cavity dimensional accuracy, finish and positioning accuracy between the template should be high.

2, high precision plastic injection molding machine.

3, high precision plastic injection molding process.

4, suitable for high precision plastic injection molding process materials.

Most of the commonly used high precision plastic injection molding materials are as follows:

POM, POM + CF (carbon fiber), POM + GF (glass fiber), PA, FRPA66 (reinforced PA), PC and so on.

high precision plastic injection molding process to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the injection molded parts is an important way to control the shrinkage of the injection molded parts, which are: thermal shrinkage of the injection molded parts, metamorphic shrinkage, orientation shrinkage, as well as compression shrinkage and elasticity of the return.

high precision plastic injection molding application:

high precision plastic injection molding technology is widely used in a variety of industries including medical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, industrial, optical, household, toys, and many others for the manufacture of high precision, complex geometry plastic parts. From medical devices to electronics, automotive parts to aerospace components, high precision plastic injection molding plays a key role in production, offering high repeatability, superior surface quality, cost-effectiveness, and flexible material options. Its applications cover a wide range of applications, meeting the manufacturing needs of a wide variety of industries for high-precision and complex shaped parts.


What is common plastics for injection molding:

Plain injection molding is a cost-effective method of molding plastics, with the advantage of high productivity and relatively low cost. By injecting molten plastic into a mold, the part is quickly cooled and solidified to form the desired part, making it suitable for mass production of relatively simple, regular shaped plastic products. This method is simple to operate and has a short production cycle. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of plastic products with relatively standard quality requirements, and provides a fast and economical production solution for the manufacturing industry.

Common plastics for injection molding is characterized by:

The dimensional accuracy of the injection molded parts is not high, generally to can be assembled as a standard, the appearance of the injection molded parts relatively high requirements, if necessary, may use secondary processing (such as oil spraying) to improve the appearance of defects.

common plastics for injection molding does not require the use of high precision plastic injection molding machines, and does not require specially designated materials, generally commonly used thermoplastics can be used to produce, such as PC, ABS, TPU, TPR. so the common plastics for injection molding process in the modern plastics industry is also widely used.

Common injection molding products:

common plastics for injection molding is widely used in various industries, including but not limited to consumer goods, electronic products, automotive parts, household goods, industrial appliances and other fields. In consumer products, injection molding is commonly used to produce plastic containers, toys, daily necessities and so on. In electronics, it is used to manufacture electronic housings, connectors and components. In the automotive industry, injection molding is often used to manufacture automotive interior parts, lamps and components. In addition, household items such as plastic chairs, tables, and trash cans are also common injection molding applications. This molding method has become the process of choice for producing high-volume, conventionally shaped plastic products in the manufacturing industry because of its efficiency and applicability.


If you need to produce any plastic parts products, Grandshine can provide you with both high precision plastic injection molding and normal injection molding production processes. Welcome to consult us by email kaiwin@grashine.com for more information about our products and services.

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