In modern automotive design, rear-view mirrors are not only crucial components for vehicle safety, but also exquisite accents to the vehicle’s aesthetics. Grandshine, as a professional custom mold factory, has amassed extensive experience in the field of automotive rear-view mirrors. We offer high-quality customized plastic mirror frames and casings to meet diverse customer needs.

At Grandshine, we understand that each customer’s demands are unique. Therefore, we provide custom production of rear-view mirror frames and casings for different car models based on customer-provided drawings and specifications. Whether it’s a luxury sedan, a crossover SUV, or an economy car, we can precisely manufacture products that align with the vehicle’s characteristics and the client’s design concepts. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with customers to ensure the final product meets their expectations and seamlessly integrates into the overall vehicle design.

Grandshine is committed to delivering the finest products to our clients. We choose premium plastic materials to ensure that the mirror frames and casings meet the highest standards in both appearance and durability. Equipped with advanced production facilities and exceptional craftsmanship, we guarantee meticulous attention to every detail. Moreover, we maintain stringent quality control throughout the production process to ensure that each product is a flawless piece of art.

To fulfill customers’ demands for personalized rear-view mirrors, Grandshine offers a range of post-processing options, including spray painting techniques. We recognize the significance of painting in terms of appearance and longevity, which is why our partners possess advanced spray painting technology. This enables us to provide mirror frames and casings in various colors and finishes, ensuring seamless integration with the vehicle’s overall look.

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