X18 phone cooler fan

Introducing the X18 Phone Cooler Fan – the game-changer in combating overheating, performance glitches, and frame drops during extended mobile device usage. Engineered with precision and innovation, this phone cooler fan revolutionizes your mobile experience by providing efficient cooling, ensuring optimal performance, and allowing you to immerse yourself in seamless gaming and entertainment sessions.



60mm (Diameter) x 25mm (Height)


Aluminum Alloy, ABS, Magnet


Type-C Input

Input Current:

DC 5V/2A

Fan Speed:

5000 RPM

Product Weight:




Other Features:

RGB Lighting Effects

1、Advanced Cooling Solution:

The X18 Phone Cooler Fan is your answer to conquering overheating issues and unlocking uninterrupted gaming and entertainment experiences on your mobile device. Tailored to deliver superior cooling, this fan quickly absorbs heat to maintain a cooler device temperature, making it especially ideal for intense gaming sessions and prolonged media consumption.

2、Instant Cooling Technology:

Equipped with a powerful 5000 RPM cooling motor, the X18 phone heat sink employs the latest semiconductor refrigeration radiator technology to achieve rapid cooling. In just three seconds, your mobile device will experience an instantaneous cool-down effect. No more screen dimming, freezing, or auto-shutdowns due to overheating, ensuring your device’s performance remains uncompromised.

3、Innovative Heat Transfer Design:

The X18 phone fan cooler features a large-area copper heat dissipation plate and a multi-faceted aluminum alloy fan grille design. This groundbreaking engineering ensures swift heat transfer from your phone, resulting in efficient cooling and an instant chill effect.

4、Universal Magnetic Suction:

The integrated magnetic suction design ensures compatibility with a wide range of phone models. Effortlessly attach the gaming fan for mobile to your device through magnetic attraction, allowing for rapid heat dissipation without any hassle.

5、Ultra-Quiet and Lightweight:

Operating at a mere 35 dB noise level, the radiator’s noise reduction design ensures a silent performance that won’t disrupt your gameplay or movie marathons. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with embedded blue LEDs, enhances the style and gaming immersion of your mobile experience, no matter where you are.

6、Vibrant RGB Lighting:

Elevate your mobile gaming experience with the captivating RGB LED lighting of the X18 mobile cooler for gaming. This feature not only enhances the fan’s visual appeal but also adds a touch of elegance, making it an irresistible addition to your gaming setup.


Experience the future of mobile cooling with the X18 Phone Cooler Fan. Say goodbye to overheating and hello to a seamless mobile experience. Elevate your gaming and entertainment sessions with efficient cooling and style. Get ready to redefine your mobile device’s performance today.

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