oem service

Oem Service

Grandshine offers a full range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) product production services, dedicated to meeting the unique customized needs of customers. Our services cover the entire production cycle from concept design to production delivery, providing customers with flexible and efficient solutions.

In terms of OEM, we can produce according to the specifications and drawings provided, and we can also produce 1:1 according to the samples provided or upgrade and optimize the samples. We have advanced production equipment, standardized management of mold workshop, injection workshop, silicone workshop, sewing workshop, SMT workshop, assembly workshop and rich manufacturing experience, can respond to the production needs of various products, including but not limited to plastic products, electronic products, mechanical parts and pet supplies.

In ODM, we not only provide production services, but also participate in product design and innovation. Grandshine has a complete engineering team of excellent product ID designers, product 3D designers, mold designers, electronic engineers and so on. Our design team can provide unique product design solutions according to customer needs, including appearance design, 3D design, mold design, PCB FPC electronic circuit design and product function design. This independent engineering team service helps customers accelerate product development and time to market, while ensuring product competitiveness in the market.

We focus on close cooperation with our customers and provide customized solutions through efficient communication and flexible production processes. Whether we provide OEM or ODM services, we are committed to creating maximum value and competitive advantage for our customers. Grandshine is a reliable OEM supplier.

  • Plastic RNG Dice Box RFG DeckboxPlastic RNG Dice Box RFG Deckbox
    oem service
    OEM Plastic RNG Dice Box RFG Deckbox

    This RFG card gaming deckbox is made of Polycarbonate and Neodymium Magnets. It’s a new vision in card gaming, polished translucent front window can display your favorite card and quickly find the deck you are looking for.

    4 secure snap closure, it can protect your gaming card into deckbox safely and you also can pivot to open easily. Top box and bottom box is designed with magnets, which can magnetically dock when open.

    Grandshine provide professional high precision plastic injection mold manufacture and mass production for RNG dicebox, RFG deckbox, ETB playmat, plastic display box. If you want to custom your own design game card display box, pls don’t hesitate to share with us. We can help you design products, prototype, molding, mass production and assembly.

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