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How We Pack Your Products

I believe you may have experienced situations where products were damaged during transportation due to improper packaging, especially in snowy winter or rainy seasons. Such adverse weather conditions can lead to moisture, breakage, and even loss of packages during transit. Therefore, ensuring better protection for your products is a crucial consideration for our factory during the packaging process.

Here are some packaging options we offer for your selection, and, of course, we can also customize packaging according to your specific requirements.


1)Retail Packing:For each product, quality packaging can elevate its perceived value and contribute to better sales. We offer customized paper box packaging, incorporating a vacuum-formed inner tray to protect your products from scratches and damages.


2)Poly Bag:If your product doesn’t require specific retail box packaging, we can also individually wrap each product in a transparent poly bag. This helps effectively prevent surface scratches caused by friction during transportation.

Pack 1

3)Foam Protection : After individually packaging each product in a protective poly bag, we will use sturdy double-layered cardboard boxes for packaging. The boxes will be padded with foam around the sides to cushion against the impact during potentially rough transportation. This ensures better protection for your products throughout the shipping process.


Pack 2

4)Cushion Protection : On the front and bottom of the box, we will also insert inflatable protective cushions. This helps prevent damage to the products caused by stacking during transportation, and the inflatable cushions effectively cushion against deformation due to the pressure from heavier items. Additionally, it provides excellent protection against violent handling and potential box damage during secondary transfers, reducing the risk of product breakage or loss.

Pack 3

5)Durable Carton : Once the products are correctly placed in the boxes, we will securely seal them and affix a corresponding box label. These labels facilitate easy identification of the color and size of the items inside the box before opening. This streamlines your inventory management and quantity tracking upon receipt, providing enhanced efficiency for your warehouse operations.

Pack 4

6)Pallet:If your goods require shipping on pallets, we can provide pallet packaging services. Each box will be securely strapped, and the entire pallet will be wrapped with a waterproof film to prevent loss or moisture damage during transportation, especially in rainy or snowy conditions. However, this service requires prior communication and may involve additional material costs.

Pack 5

7)Pallet Protection:If you require additional services such as paper wrapping for the entire pallet and stretch film wrapping, we can accommodate your needs. However, please note that this service requires prior communication and will incur additional material costs.

Pack 6

8)Wooden Box Protection:For fragile and delicate products, we recommend utilizing wooden crate packaging for shipment. This ensures robust protection for your products. The wooden crate packaging service requires advance communication and incurs additional material costs.

How We Ship Your Products

Pack 7

Express Shipping:Regarding the transportation of goods, if you do not have a preferred logistics partner, we can arrange shipping for you. During the pre-production communication for order preparation, please inform us in advance if you require our logistics services. We will arrange the appropriate logistics method based on your cargo’s weight, required delivery time, and your budget. For smaller and time-sensitive shipments, we can arrange express services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, USPS, and others. Delivery Time will be 3-7 days



Pack 8

Air Shipping:If your shipment weighs 100kg or more or occupies several cubic meters with urgent time constraints, we can arrange air freight for you. The cost of air freight is generally more economical than express services. We have been partnering with reliable air freight companies for many years, providing secure and stable air transportation services. You can arrange for pickup when the goods arrive in the destination country, or we can offer last-mile delivery services, delivering the goods directly to your doorstep. The typical transit time for air freight is between 10 to 20 days. Specific communication regarding air freight costs will be based on each stage of the shipment.

Pack 10

Ocean Shipping: If your shipment can fill a 20ft or 40ft container, we typically recommend utilizing sea freight or railway transportation. Both of these methods offer the lowest shipping costs, although the transit time varies depending on the destination country. Generally, it falls within the range of 30 to 50 days, with West African countries taking longer, approximately around 90 days. For sea freight, you’ll need to proceed to the port for customs clearance and pick-up. Additionally, if you lack customs clearance capabilities, we can assist you with the import clearance process.

Pack 9

Shipping+Custom Clearance Service : In addition to the four transportation methods mentioned above, if you have limited knowledge of shipping and customs procedures or anticipate high import duties, we can provide a comprehensive logistics service that includes both transportation and customs clearance. This means you won’t need to handle the logistics and clearance procedures yourself. We will arrange transportation and optimize the declaration of the most favorable tariffs based on your country of residence. You can simply enjoy a door-to-door service, with your goods delivered directly to your doorstep, and you won’t need to worry about any issues.


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    Custom Retail Packaging

    If you do not find a reliable packaging supplier, we can help you customize high quality packaging products. We have a reputable packaging factory partner, can produce customized carton retail packaging, transparent PET packaging, Poly Bag packaging, cloth bags and other packaging. Our packaging offers a variety of secondary selection processes, including embossing, UV coating, gold stamping, silver stamping, matte finish, printing, silver card and more. Our packaging suppliers use fully automatic packaging production lines, if you need our assistance in the production of packaging, please contact us.

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