• wireless charging lampnightstand with wireless charging
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    Wireless Charging Lamp

    Designed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this wireless charger lamp offers superior durability and high-end looks. Featuring a 3-in-1 wireless charging function, it also comes with a nightlight function that can charge your phone, headphones and watch at the same time. It supports 15W magnetic fast charging technology and is compatible with iOS and Android systems for fast charging. The wireless charger is also equipped with a night light, which is perfect for placing on the nightstand. We are a wireless charger manufacturer and provide customized service, we can produce various styles of wireless chargers according to your needs. In addition, we can also independently develop molds for you to customize the style to meet the characteristics of your brand. Welcome to inquire anytime.

  • wireless charger earbudswireless portable charger
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    wireless portable charger

    This portable wireless charger is designed with ultra-thin aluminum alloy, small size, light weight and high charging efficiency. It has a 15W fast charging function that supports your phone, smartwatch and wireless charger earbuds at the same time. This wireless charging stand uses magsafe magnetic charging method, just attach your iPhone to it for efficient charging. It supports cell phone standing charging method, so you can easily check your phone’s message alerts and so on while charging. We produce high quality wireless chargers and all our products are CE, FCC, RoHS and Qi certified. Welcome to consult us anytime.

  • magnetic wireless chargermagsafe wireless charger
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    Magnetic wireless charger

    Compared to the traditional 3-in-1 wireless charging stand, the traditional wireless charging stand needs to take up a lot of packaging volume because it can’t be folded, resulting in higher shipping costs. Our magnetic wireless charger is designed with aviation aluminum alloy, and the bracket part is designed with a hinge that can be bent and recycled. During transportation, you can fold down the charging stand, thus reducing shipping costs. This wireless charger adopts magsafe magnetic charging method, supports 15W fast charging, compatible with iOS and Android systems, and supports both PD and QC fast charging methods. It is capable of charging cell phones, wireless bluetooth headphones and smartwatches. We offer manufacturing and wholesale service of wireless charger, welcome to contact us to get samples for testing.

  • Watch band-Palm five rows seriesWatch band-Palm five rows series
    Apple Watch strap
    Watch band-Palm five rows series
  • Watch band-Resin Bamboo SeriesWatch band-Resin Bamboo Series
    Apple Watch strap
    Watch band-Resin Bamboo Series
  • Watch Strap-Chain Tassel SeriesWatch Strap-Chain Tassel Series
    Apple Watch strap
    Watch Strap-Chain Tassel Series
  • Watch band-Elastic cord resin seriesWatch band-Elastic cord resin series
    Apple Watch strap
    Watch band-Elastic cord resin series
  • Watch band-Bessonite SeriesWatch band-Bessonite Series
    Apple Watch strap
    Watch band-Bessonite Series
  • Packing & ShippingPacking & Shipping
    About Packing & Shipping
    Custom Retail Packaging

    If you do not find a reliable packaging supplier, we can help you customize high quality packaging products. We have a reputable packaging factory partner, can produce customized carton retail packaging, transparent PET packaging, Poly Bag packaging, cloth bags and other packaging. Our packaging offers a variety of secondary selection processes, including embossing, UV coating, gold stamping, silver stamping, matte finish, printing, silver card and more. Our packaging suppliers use fully automatic packaging production lines, if you need our assistance in the production of packaging, please contact us.

  • Universal Stylus PenUniversal Stylus Pen
    Screen Protector
    Universal Stylus Pen

    This touchscreen stylus pen is crafted from stainless steel and brass, with a length of 13.6cm, offering the advantages of lightweight design and robust durability. The touch tip of the stylus pen employs carbon cloth, providing superior sensitivity on touchscreens compared to traditional rubber tips. This stylus is compatible with all touchscreen devices, including industrial tablets. It operates effortlessly without requiring a power source. Additionally, the stylus pen comes with a 40cm tether, allowing you to secure it to your tablet case to prevent loss.

  • Panda silicone night lightPanda silicone night light
    Силиконовая форма
    Cute Bear Silicone Night Light

    This Winnie the Pooh silicone night light features a washable silicone body with a delightfully soft touch. Crafted in the shape of a bear, this silicone night lamp offers a versatile lighting solution for children of all ages. Whether serving as a comforting bedside companion or providing a gentle glow for a child’s room, it instills a sense of safety at night.

    Made from 100% soft food-safe silicone, including a rechargeable silicone night light, and CE certified, this lamp is rechargeable via USB connector. The design incorporates PC material and features three adjustable tapping modes, offering a brightness of 3000K lumens. The adorable bear shape makes it an instant favorite as a child’s best silicone led light companion

  • 20W Travel quick charger20W Travel quick charger
    20W Travel quick charger

    Travel Charger




    100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A


    5.0V-3.0A 15.0W Max or

    9.0V-2.22A 20.0W Max or

    12.0V-1.67A 20.0W Max

Our end to end product development service range has emcompassed phone accessories, tablet accessories, industry device accessories, gaming accessories and various comsumer electronic items.

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