Apple watch strap clear

This exquisite Apple Watch band is made of high quality resin (cellulose acetate), waterproof, lightweight and durable, perfect for daily wear. The strap adapter is made of long-lasting stainless steel and the connector surface is inlaid with crystal stones. The transparent band shows off the original color of the watch, making you feel the most minimalist fashion and easy to match with your daily outfits. The strap is interspersed with gold beaded strings in the center for a sleek and sparkling design. At only 30 grams, this resin apple band is lighter than stainless steel metal bands, keeping your wrist stress-free. The band also offers a bracelet jewelry design that allows the user to freely adjust the length. With two size options, this band can fit all models of Apple watches. We are a professional Apple watch band manufacturer, welcome to inquire wholesale price.

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