Magnetic wireless charger

Compared to the traditional 3-in-1 wireless charging stand, the traditional wireless charging stand needs to take up a lot of packaging volume because it can’t be folded, resulting in higher shipping costs. Our magnetic wireless charger is designed with aviation aluminum alloy, and the bracket part is designed with a hinge that can be bent and recycled. During transportation, you can fold down the charging stand, thus reducing shipping costs. This wireless charger adopts magsafe magnetic charging method, supports 15W fast charging, compatible with iOS and Android systems, and supports both PD and QC fast charging methods. It is capable of charging cell phones, wireless bluetooth headphones and smartwatches. We offer manufacturing and wholesale service of wireless charger, welcome to contact us to get samples for testing.


Dimensions: 133mm * 140mm * 15mm (approximately 5.24 inches * 5.51 inches * 0.59 inches)

Net Weight: 210g

Packing Size: 139mm * 137mm * 32mm (including fast charger adapter, gross weight 270g)

Surface Technology: Anodized aluminum

Material: Aluminum alloy


Input: 9V-2A (Supports QC or PD)


  – Phone: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W

  – Airpods: 5W

  – iWatch: 2W

Charging Effective Distance: 3~6mm


Charging Indicator Lights:

  – Standby: Green light constantly on

  – Phone Charging: Blue light breathing

  – Watch and Earbuds Charging: No indicator


Conversion Efficiency:

  – Normal Charging: ≥70%

  – Fast Charging: ≥75%


Interface: Type C

Standards: Qi, Apple, Samsung, Huawei

Protection Functions:

  – Metal foreign object detection

  – Overvoltage protection

  – Overcurrent protection

  – Over-temperature protection

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