Specification Parameters



Material quaility

ABS, PP, Silicone




Ceramic White/Light Yellow/Rose Pink





Product size


Packaging size


Box size


Carton size


Item weight


Introducing the Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – Infused with Playful Disney Magic

Taking inspiration from beloved childhood memories, this dispenser features a radiant circular design embellished with a rose gold-plated ring. At its heart lies a delightful Disney collaboration, showcasing iconic animal characters that bring the joy of Disney to life.

Original Disney Design

Designed to captivate the imagination, our dispenser’s circular design, enhanced with a rose gold-plated ring, creates an alluring aesthetic. The central Disney-animated animal ID adds a touch of magical nostalgia, infusing your surroundings with the vibrancy of Disney.

0.2 Sensor Technology 

Boasting a built-in sensitive smart infrared sensor, our dispenser activates in just 0.2 seconds, releasing 2ml of foaming sanitizer per pump. This intelligent design minimizes wastage, ensuring thorough hand cleansing without the need for direct contact. Effortless to use, it provides a seamless experience for all.

Versatile Gel & Liquid Compatibility

Our touchless hand soap dispenser accommodates a wide range of liquid gel soap, hand sanitizer, kitchen dish soap, lotion, and more. Its versatile design meets diverse cleaning needs, ensuring comprehensive hygiene.

Generous 280ml Capacity & Refillable Convenience

With its substantial 280ml capacity, the dispenser ensures lasting usage. The ease of replenishing further guarantees a consistent supply of sanitizer for your convenience.

Wall Mount

Equipped with 3M adhesive, mounting becomes a simple task, offering true plug-and-play functionality. Perfectly suited not only for industrial and commercial environments but also for your home’s bathroom and kitchen. Ideal for various locations, including schools, hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants, kitchens, and offices.

Drip-Proof Design for Cleanliness

Utilizing intelligent infrared sensors, our hands-free soap dispenser assures a non-drip, leak-proof, and spill-resistant operation. All sensors undergo rigorous testing with pure water prior to shipment, and minor water presence is normal and expected.

Durable ABS Construction for Longevity

Constructed with robust ABS materials, this hand soap dispenser showcases exceptional sturdiness and durability, promising extended durability.

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