Precautions for production of liquid silicone products

liquid silicone products

o ques liquid silicone products

Liquid silicone products are products made of liquid silicone material. Liquid silicone is a rubber-like material with superior elasticity, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. Liquid silicone is usually made from a mixture of two liquid components, which undergo a specific curing process to form a soft, durable, rubber-like substance.


In silicone products industry, liquid molding injection process is a detail-oriented processing method. In pre-processing stage, it takes a lot of time to adjust equipment and machine, and at the same time, it needs to be fully prepared in all aspects of the environment, materials, molds, etc., to ensure stability of product’s quality and efficiency of production process. During processing, there are some general considerations to be followed.

Selection of raw materials

First of all, to choose material in line with product model, according to different models and colors and requirements, choose appropriate type and grade of silicone. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that silicone material used is rohs certified, has excellent chemical stability and physical properties, and can meet the needs of long-term use, because the stability of the material ensures its production stability.

Note on mold opening structure

The production of molds is a key link in pre-processing we need to reasonably design split mold and feed port to ensure that mold does not affect the appearance of product, production quality controllability, size of product parting line as well as size of precision of production have a certain impact, mold and material is to occupy main processing problem points. Molds open good, the product is produced with high quality.

Control processing temperature and pressure

The processing temperature of liquid silicone has a great impact on its quality and performance. Too high a temperature will cause silicone material to decompose, while too low a temperature will affect fluidity and processing performance of silicone. Secondly, pressure and feed ratio of machine are extremely important, therefore, pressure and temperature of machine need to be strictly controlled during processing to ensure that they are within the appropriate range.

Avoid mixing impurities

In liquid silicone processing, should avoid mixing impurities or harmful substances. These impurities may cause defects or safety hazards in silicone products. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and test raw materials and additives before processing to ensure that their purity and quality meet the requirements.

Pay attention to processing link

In processing of liquid silica gel, you need to pay attention to some key links. For example, the mixing of raw materials needs to be carried out in accordance with the prescribed ratio and order, and mixing time should be sufficient to ensure that the raw materials are fully mixed. In addition, finish and precision of mold should be ensured in the casting and molding process to obtain qualified silicone products.

Cloaking and Packaging

Liquid silicone products usually belong to a more precise and high surface requirements of a class of products, so its appearance and packaging requirements are basically higher, in dealing with the cloak need to be careful when dealing with the rubber inlet, part of the products need to be grinded to control the grinding of the wall thickness and the phenomenon of faults. Wear dust-free gloves as much as possible when packing, especially for electroplated mirror category products, to prevent hand sweat and fingerprints.

Application of liquid silicone products

Liquid silicone products show a wide range of applications in many fields. Their excellent elasticity and durability make them ideal for use in mold making for highly detailed and intricately shaped models. Liquid silicone products also play an important role in manufacture of arts and crafts and medical devices, and their safe and easy-to-clean properties make them the material of choice for the medical and food industries. Liquid silicone products are also widely recognized for their use in electronic components, automotive parts, building materials and aerospace applications, where they provide reliable sealing, insulation and high temperature resistance. Overall, liquid silicone products play an irreplaceable role in modern manufacturing and creative fields with their versatility and applicability. If your product is liquid silicone, Grandshine can provide you with production and processing services with stable quality.

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