What is the best material for a dog collar buckle?


In the United States, a customer faced a persistent issue: the plastic buckle on his pet collar frequently broke, causing inconvenience for both him and his pet. Determined to find a new product solution, he reached out to our company.

The customer, along with our Engineering Director Kenneth and Business Manager Kaiwin, collectively analyzed the reasons behind the plastic buckle’s breakage. During the material analysis phase, we discovered that the customer’s existing supplier used mixed materials and used material in producing the buckle. This was identified as a critical factor contributing to the buckle’s fragility. Further analysis revealed that the buckle had not undergone annealing treatment during production, leaving internal stress untreated. Additionally, Kenneth pointed out that the buckle was prone to cracking in cold temperatures.

To address this issue comprehensively, we proposed a holistic solution. We recommended the use of Nylon 6 with fibers, a material known for its high toughness and strength, effectively mitigating the problem of breakage. Additionally, we suggested a material solution involving PC+ABS, known for its outstanding durability, stability, and a relatively budget-friendly price point, making it suitable for products like pet collars that experience regular stress.

To ensure the performance of the new materials, we proposed conducting high and low-temperature testing and maximum tensile strength testing on the product. This would validate the product’s performance in various environments and conditions, ensuring it meets high-quality and durability standards before production.

This story highlights the expertise of Grandshine’s professional team in plastic products and emphasizes our commitment to providing customers with high-quality, reliable solutions. If you encounter challenges with plastic products, our team is ready to offer professional support and solutions.

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