Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser – “Giraffe Handwashing Buddy”

Specification Parameters:



Material quaility





Ceramic White / Chimes Blue / Cherry Blossom Pink









Box size

30 units/case/14 kg

Carton size


ltem weight



Make handwashing a delightful and enjoyable,we introduce our innovative product – the Giraffe Handwashing Buddy Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser. This dispenser not only enhances the hygiene and convenience of handwashing but also encourages children to develop good hand hygiene habits through its unique design and features.

**Key Features:**

1、**Enchanting Giraffe Design**

Inspired by the giraffe, this foaming soap dispenser boasts an adorable giraffe-shaped design that becomes a part of your bathroom decor. Its charming appearance and distinctive design add an artistic touch while also infusing the joy of handwashing into the hearts of children.

2、**Fully Automatic Foam Dispensing:**

Equipped with infrared sensor technology, all you need to do is place your hands within approximately 2 inches of the dispenser, and it will automatically produce a rich lather of foaming hand soap, making handwashing both convenient and hygienic.

3、**Adjustable Liquid Dispensing**

The dispenser features three different liquid dispensing settings. By gently pressing the button next to the giraffe’s body once, twice, or thrice, you can easily adjust the desired liquid amount, catering to your specific needs.

4、**Rechargeable Design**

With a built-in 1200mAh battery, a single charge can support up to 90 days of usage. The magnetic quick-charging feature ensures efficiency and convenience.

5、**Intelligent Reminder Function**

The giraffe’s ears are designed to have a 15-second breathing light, reminding users to wash their hands for at least 15 seconds. This design aids in ensuring thorough handwashing and enhances hygiene effectiveness.

6、**Freely Replaceable Hand Soap**

Designed with an internal bottle for hand soap, users can add or replace hand soap as needed, ensuring practicality and ease of use.

7、**Water-Resistant and Non-Slip Design**

The design takes water resistance and anti-slip features into consideration, ensuring stability and safety during use. This enhances the joy of handwashing for children and increases overall convenience.

The Giraffe Handwashing Buddy Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser offers a more enjoyable, convenient, and hygienic handwashing experience for you and your family. Transform handwashing into a pleasurable habit, thereby enhancing overall health and quality of life.

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