Mold Design FAQ


Mouler design is a professional process, the following Grand éclat provides you with common FAQ in the process of mould design, if you need professional product design or product production, we can provide you with professional services.

1、What kind of material is commonly used for mold blank?

A: The mold embryo commonly used ace steel, ace steel is also on the carbon steel, 45# steel.

2、What is the difference between model space and layout space of CAD drawing?

A: The model space is for graphics entity space, layout space is for drawing layout space.

3、What is polishing? Commonly used polishing methods are those?

A: The action of improving the surface finish of the mold core is called polishing. Commonly used polishing methods are mechanical polishing; chemical polishing; electrolytic polishing; ultrasonic polishing; fluid polishing; magnetic abrasive polishing and so on.

4、What is the role of water transport?

A: The role of water transport is to control the temperature of the mold nut.

5、What is the mold?

A: In industrial production, with a variety of presses and presses mounted on the special tools, metal or non-metallic materials through the pressure to produce the required shape of the parts or products, such special tools collectively referred to as molds.

6、Mold classification?

A: Molds can be generally divided into plastic molds and non-plastic molds. Non-plastic mold: casting mold, forging mold, stamping mold, die-casting mold. Plastic molds according to the production process and production of different products are divided into: injection molding, blowing mold, compression mold, transfer mold, extrusion mold, thermoforming mold, rotational molding mold. According to the pouring system type of different molds can be divided into three categories: large spout mold, fine spout mold, hot runner mold.

7、What is reverse engineering?

A: Reverse engineering is a high-speed three-dimensional laser scanning machine on the existing samples or models for accurate, high-speed scanning, to get its three-dimensional contour data, with the inverse software for the curvilinear reconstruction, and reconstructed surfaces online precision analysis, evaluation of the construction effect, and ultimately generate the IGES or STL data, according to which can be rapid prototyping or CNC numerical control machining.

8、What is an exhaust slot? What is the function of exhaust slot?

A: The grooves on the broken surface or rubbed surface of the mold kernel used for exhaust are called exhaust grooves. The role of the exhaust groove has two main points: one is in the injection of molten material, to exclude the air inside the mold cavity; the second is to exclude the material in the heating process of the various gases.

9、What is the pouring system?

A: The plastic flow channel from the injector mouth to the cavity is called the pouring system. The pouring system system includes main flow channel, diversion channel, gate and cold material well.

10、The advantages and disadvantages of hot pump.

A: Advantages: sprues, no post-processing, make the whole molding process completely automated, save working time, improve working efficiency.

2.Small pressure loss.

3.Repeated use of sprues will degrade the plastic properties, while the use of hot runner system without sprues can reduce the loss of raw materials, thus reducing product costs.

4.Hot nozzles are of standardized and serialized design, equipped with a variety of optional nozzle tips with good interchangeability.


1.Overall mold closure height increases, due to the addition of hot sprue plate, etc., the overall height of the mold has increased.

2.Heat radiation is difficult to control, the biggest fault of the hot sprue is the heat loss of the sprue, which is a major problem to be solved.

3.Existence of thermal expansion, thermal expansion and contraction is a problem to be considered in our design.

4. Increase in the cost of mold manufacturing, the higher price of standard accessories for hot runner system affects the popularity of hot runner molds.

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