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plastic injection molder

how much is a plastic injection mold

Many customers are concerned about the cost of injection molds. However, the price of molds on the market varies widely, resulting in customers encountering various after-sales problems in the mold or production process. Taking an American auto parts company as an example, they found three mold factories on Alibaba, respectively offering $20,000, $15,000 and $9,000 for the development of plastic frames for car headlights. As a result, he chose the $9,000 quotation, but found that the mold was still being modified after a year, which eventually led to the termination of the project and the payment of $80,000. Therefore, the choice of the lowest price is not always correct, the product has a certain cost, choose a suitable and professional mold factory is more critical.


In addition, if the mold factory has pre-sales and after-sales office personnel in all countries in the world, it means that the scale of the enterprise is large enough, the product quality is good enough, and the team is professional enough to let customers have no worries. Грандшайн specializes in the development and production of customized injection moulds and new products for you. We have office staff in Singapore, UK and USA to provide you with professional product production solutions and after-sales service.
plastic injection mold cost

There are many ways of quotation and settlement of molds, and they are not the same. Грандшайн teaches you some methods for calculating injection mold costs:


Empirical calculation method

Mold price = material fee + design fee + processing fee + VAT + trial fee + packaging and transportation fee.

The percentage is usually:

  1. Material cost: Materials and standard parts account for 15%-30% of the total cost of the mold;
  2. Processing fee and management fee: 30%-50%;
  3. Design fee: 10%-15% of the total cost of the mold;
  4. Trial mold: large and medium-sized molds can be controlled within 3%, small precision molds can be controlled within 5%;
  5. Packaging and transportation costs: can be calculated according to the actual calculation or 3%;
  6. VAT: 13%.


Material coefficient method

According to the mold size and material price, the mold material cost can be calculated.

Mold price =(6~10)* material cost

Forging die, plastic die =6* material cost

Die casting mold =10* material fee


Mold quotation estimation

  1. First of all, we must look at the requirements of customers, because the specific requirements of customers determine the choice of materials and heat treatment process.
  2. Select the material, make a rough mold plan, and calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of the mold core material and the mold frame material) and the cost of heat treatment. (All blank weights)
  3. Processing cost, according to the complexity of the mold core, the processing cost and the price of the mold core material are 1.5~ 3:1, and the processing cost of the mold frame is generally 1:1.
  4. The risk charge is 10% of the above total price.
  5. Tax 13%
  6. The design cost is 10% of the total price of the mold.


Mold quotation strategy and settlement method

Mold quotation and settlement is the continuation and result of mold evaluation. In this process, people always hope that mold valuation = mold price = mold settlement price. In practice, these four prices are not exactly equal, and there may be fluctuating error values. These are the issues to be discussed below.


When the mold is evaluated, it needs to be properly processed and sorted into the quotation of the mold, which is the basis for signing the mold processing contract. After repeated negotiations, the mold price recognized by both parties was finally formed and the contract was signed. Only then can we officially start the mold processing.


Mold valuation and quotation

After mold valuation, it can not be directly quoted immediately. Generally speaking, it is also necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market situation, customer psychology, competitors, state and other factors to properly sort out the valuation. Sometimes the customer’s psychological price will be lower than the break-even price of the mold, so the mold factory needs to re-propose the modification of the mold requirements, conditions, programs, etc., to reduce the mold requirements and reduce the mold cost. It should be noted that the mold is a special product with high scientific and technological content, and should not be used to cater to the market with low prices, or even at a loss price, but should be good quality and good price, to ensure the quality, accuracy and life of the mold in the first place, and should not take the mold price too seriously, otherwise, it is easy to cause misleading actions.
plastic injection molder


Regional and time differences in mold prices

It should also be pointed out that the valuation and price of the mold are in various enterprises, various regions and countries; In different periods, different environments, its connotation is different, that is, there are regional differences and time differences. Why there is a price difference, it is because: on the one hand, the mold manufacturing conditions of various enterprises, regions and countries are not the same, the equipment process, technology, personnel concepts, consumption levels and other aspects are different, resulting in different estimates of the cost and profit targets of the mold, thus producing different mold price differences.


Generally, it is a more developed area, or high science and technology content, equipment investment is more advanced, more standardized large-scale mold enterprises, their goal is high quality and high price, and in some areas with low consumption level, or low science and technology content, small and medium-sized mold enterprises with less equipment investment, the relative estimated mold price is lower. On the other hand, there is still a time difference in the price of the mold, that is, the aging difference. Different time requirements produce different mold prices. This aging difference has two aspects: one is that the mold has different prices at different times; Second, different mold manufacturing cycle, its price is also different.


Fill in the mold quotation

After the mold price is estimated, it is generally necessary to offer the price to the outside in the form of quotation. The main contents of the quotation are: mold quotation, cycle, required to achieve the mold (life), technical requirements and conditions for the mold, payment and settlement methods and warranty period. Whether the quotation strategy of the mold is correct or not, directly affects the price of the mold, affects the level of mold profit, affects the use of mold production technology management and other levels of play, is the most important management of mold enterprises, whether it is the embodiment of success!

If you encounter any mold price problems, or need to calculate the mold cost of a new product, Grandshine’s engineering team is willing to provide you with professional pricing and mold production solutions.

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