Highlights of a new mold trial


A new mold trial is a critical step in ensuring product quality, and its successful execution is essential for producing large quantities of goods. Before conducting the T0 and T1 tests, special attention needs to be paid to the following items to ensure the effectiveness of the mold trial:

Mold trial steps and actions:

1) Before the mold trial, the mold assembly and raw material drying must be carefully checked.

2) Before changing the mold, the mold in production is sprayed with a rust inhibitor for mold maintenance and to ensure that the mold is returned to its original position and the record sheet is filled out.

3) When loading the mold, the center point of the mold must be aligned and the mold must be locked tightly to check if the high pressure clamping force is sufficient. The integrity of the low-pressure work is critical during normal production to avoid mold damage.

4) When clearing the material tube, remove other colored raw materials and impurities, reduce injection pressure, and make adjustments to injection time and holding time.

5) Use manual mode to test the mold before the mold test to confirm the smoothness of the release action. Spray the mold release agent during the injection action of the test mold, and then adjust the position of the mold release method after forming.

(6) Before each mold test, we must notify the mold department to confirm the mold test action, and carry out product inspection after the mold test. Fill in the molding record sheet and mold condition sheet after the inspection.

7)When the mold trial is completed, spray the rust inhibitor first, and then go down to the mold department for modification work.

8)Each mold trial must be carried out in accordance with the above items, accurately grasp the time of the mold trial, and get the approval of the superior personnel before carrying out the mold trial.

Trial mold key notes:

1) Immediately check all mechanisms of the mold when the machine is turned on to ensure its smooth operation. If there is any problem, stop the action immediately to avoid unnecessary consequences.

(2) Before the injection action, confirm the mold locking force, the first mold can only be shot to 80% of the finished product full mold. Confirm that the sample meets the customer’s standard before proceeding to the next action.

3) For high and low pressure test, high pressure under normal conditions high 20PMa, low pressure under normal conditions low 10PMa, mold analysis. Please note that all mold trial actions must be performed from the low pressure and low band.


If you encounter problems during product mold trial or you need to develop a new plastic product, Grandshine can provide you with both mold production service and bulk production service.

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