Apple’s “weird product”​ eventually succeeded

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When iPhone sales fell, AirPods sales climbed at the same time. It is undeniable that AirPods has become the most visible product in the history of Apple products.

When Apple released the new product AirPods in 2016, many users are spitting this product and think this“Small accessories” are easy to lose and hard to retrieve. However, today, more than two years later, although this product has not been updated, its sales have been soaring.

AirPods sales boosted sales of Apple’s wearables (including Apple Watch and Beats headsets), and sales of wearables exceeded $10 billion in 2017. Therefore, AirPods can be said to be a very successful product.

The success of AirPods is not an accidental result. From the perspective of comfort and convenience, it does exceed the user’s expectations. Because the low-power W1 chip is excellent in battery life, AirPods can listen for up to 5 hours on a single charge, and it performs very well.

In addition, the charging box can be easily adapted to your iPhone or Apple Watch, and you can even charge your AirPods in your purse. Of course, you can also activate Siri by tapping either AirPods on either side. You don’t need to pull out your iPhone and most of Apple’s products. AirPods is so easy to use.

Now that we have been released with the first AirPods for more than two years, we have not waited for the new AirPods. Recently, there are more convinced rumors that Apple will definitely release the new AirPods in 2019. According to most projections, he said, AirPods upgraded 2 will be equipped with the same and Apple Watch Series 4 W3 wireless chip. In addition to supporting Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, there will be a huge increase in connection speed and performance consumption.

This “small gadget” hanging on the ear is like a free advertisement, letting you enjoy Apple’s innovative technology, and also tells the public that you are also part of the Apple iOS ecosystem. Moreover, there is no fear that someone will treat you as a “freak”. After all, everyone is using AirPods, and we are very proud of it.

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