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    GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass

    GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass adopts new technology and unique design. It is a smart glasses that combines smart Bluetooth audio headphones and sunglasses. GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass is an AI intelligent Bluetooth audio glasses optimized from ordinary sunglasses. It has the features of lightweight, comfortable, intelligent, safe and wake-up voice assistant. It can not only protect your eyes under the sun, but also provide you with surround-music enjoyment.

    You may be used to wearing in-ear headphones and sunglasses when exercising, climbing, driving, cycling or walking. However, in-ear headphones may bring you a lot of potential risks when exercising outdoors, such as not hearing the alarm of emergency outside or traffic accidents because you are too immersed in the music of in-ear headphones. In addition, many sunglasses lens material deformation and bending, UV protection is not strong enough, see things distorted, the experience is very bad, which will bring you eye damage and safety accidents. So you need a pair of multi-functional Bluetooth smart glasses.

    This GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass will be more practical and sound better than others. We use anti-impact ABS environmental protection materials, no pungent smell, harmless to human body. The lens adopts anti-blue and anti-ultraviolet lens. The interior of the eyeglass frame is designed with wireless Bluetooth connection, 2 sets of 90mah polymer batteries, 4 sets of surround sound speakers and HD microphones, providing you with satisfactory sunglasses and enjoying music needs. GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass can provide you with unexpected surprise and satisfaction.

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