Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing

We offer a full range of PCB and FPC circuit design and manufacturing services, simply send us the schematics and Gerber files of your products and we will produce your custom electronics for you. We not only provide high quality circuit board manufacturing, but also have extensive experience in final product assembly. With our professional services, you can easily achieve full process production from concept to finished product, ensuring high performance and reliability. Let us work together to create your ideal electronic product, feel free to contact us for more details

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Have you ever encountered issues with suppliers providing poorly assembled electronic products, damaged components, defective casings, subpar product performance, unresponsive electronic components, or functional deficiencies? Alternatively, have you faced challenges where your PCB supplier lacked professionalism in plastic casing, leading to assembly problems in the final product? Or perhaps your plastic casing factory was unwilling to cooperate with your PCB development and final product assembly needs? If so, you need a supplier like Grandshine. We not only specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality plastic casings but also boast a team of professional electronic engineers to produce advanced PCBs and FPCs. Moreover, we offer complete product assembly services. By consolidating all components into one factory, you can significantly reduce mismatches and issues during the production of electronic products. Choose Grandshine for a comprehensive solution that includes PCB manufacturing, plastic casing manufacturing, and final product assembly.

  • Electric Heating Pad for CrampsElectric Heating Pad for Cramps
    Other Items
    Electric Heating Pad for Cramps
  • waterproof shower phone holder with bluetooth speakerwaterproof shower phone holder with bluetooth speaker
    Electronics Manufacturing
    waterproof shower phone holder with bluetooth speaker

    Introducing our innovative Waterproof Shower Phone Holder, designed specifically to address various issues faced by consumers when using their phones during shower time. Whether you want to listen to music, check messages, or stay connected with family and friends, this holder makes using your phone more convenient, eliminating concerns about water damage or finding a suitable place to keep your phone.

  • Whole Home Mesh WiFi SystemWhole Home Mesh WiFi System
    Electronics Manufacturing
    Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

    An Ideal Solution for Your Big-House WiFi
    Add More Nodes to Expand Coverage
    Expanding network coverage in a mesh system is much easier than using the traditional combination “of router+extenders”.Simply add more mesh nodes to the system to boost your Wi-Ficoverage.

    Intelligent Routing between Different Nodes
    In a mesh system,a mesh node can always detect and select the optimal routing from other available mesh nodes automatically.This,on one hand,ensures outstanding network performance;on the other hand,guarantees the stability of your network.

    One Unified Network Throughout the House
    All the mesh units make up to one unified network using one universal SSID. This en sures your devices remain connected during handover to the nextnet-working area.

    Centralized Mesh Network Management
    All the mesh units can be managed through one backstage.This gets rid of the need to manage separately on each device. Meanwhile,it gives you a better control of overall network usage.

  • PCB
    Electronics Manufacturing
    Grandshine Custom PCB FPC Manufacture

    Grandshine is your great partner of new products development. We provide you molding, electronic design, mass production and final assembly service.

    Gifted with years experience in electronic design, our electronic design team enjoys an extensive knowledge in many fields of the electronics technology.such as consumer electronic design, retail scanning and payment electronic,smart home application electronic,wifi internet device electronic etc. Utilizing suitable tools and latest equipment and techniques, our highly experienced professionals cover all aspects of PCB engineering to provide our clients with physical layout that matches exactly with the schematic design..

    Our EE team provides effective PCB and FPC services to be utilized in the product assembly. We design any types of consumer electronic circuits and products base on customers’ specifications at reasonable costs. Grandshine EE team provides high-performance PCB/FPC schematics design layout and Gerber. We have the mastery in providing end to end solutions and SMT manufacture. Briefly, Grandshine is the one stop station for the entire PCB/FPC and products manufacture solution

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