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Rapid Prototyping

In the evolution of a product from design concept to final product, multiple revisions and continuous optimization are essential. Rapid prototyping plays a key role in this process. Through the physical prototypes, it allows us to validate design concepts and test the basic functions of products, effectively reducing the risk of production failures caused by immature designs. At Grandshine, we offer our customers three rapid prototyping options: 3D print prototype, mockup prototype, and CNC machining prototypes.

Prototype Development

In the service of fast prototype manufacturing, we provide customers with plastic prototype, alloy prototype, PCBA prototype and textile prototype. The processes of prototype engineering include the following:
prototype electronics
functional prototype
mockup prototype
concept prototype
feasibility prototype
industrial prototype
physical prototype
first prototype
3d print prototype
CNC machining prototype

Rapid prototyping
prototype electronics

Benefits Of Prototyping Services

Validating Design Concepts: Prototype development allows the design team to validate their design concepts on physical prototypes. This ensure that the product functions as expected.

Issue Discovery:Through rapid tooling, it’s easier to identify issues and defects in product design. These issues include challenges in manufacture,assembly, operability, material selection and more.

Enhancing Communication Effectiveness:Prototype manufacturing serve as visual presentation tool, improving communication with clients. This aids in reducing misunderstandings and multiple modification.

Rapid Innovation: Product Prototype enables teams to iterate designs quickly. Through rapid testing and modifications, the product design can be optimized more efficiently.

Customer Validation: Final prototype to customers before finalizing the product allows for feedback and validation, ensuring that the product meets customer requirements.

Technical Feasibility Validation:For new technologies,business prototype assists in validating technical feasibility, ensuring that expected functionalities and performance can be achieved before further resource investment.

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    Product Prototype
    Grandshine Fast Prototype Service

    Grandshine provide custom plastic injection mold, silicone mold, metal alloy die cast mold and mass production etc product development service. Before molding, we offer fast prototype service to ensure success of your new project.

    We carry out Prototyping during various phases of each project. Thus maximum possible efficient development is ensured. Rapid Prototyping involves getting mock-ups of the product. This is then reviewed evaluated and refined until the best quality product is achieved.

    Prototyping gives the opportunity to get a clear idea of aesthetics, beside allowing one to touch, feel, and get a sense of its strength and size. Prototypes are essential to understand the ergonomic aspects of the product.

    Grandshine is always support you fast prototype before mass production. And ensure your design is workable for mass production and save cost of project failure.

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