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  • Wireless Fast Charger StandWireless Fast Charger Stand
    Wireless Charger
    Q3 Wireless Fast Charger Stand
  • Wireless Fast Charger StandWireless Fast Charger Stand
    Wireless Charger
    QI Wireless Fast Charger Stand
  • wireless charging lampnightstand with wireless charging
    Wireless Charger
    Wireless Charging Lamp

    Designed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this wireless charger lamp offers superior durability and high-end looks. Featuring a 3-in-1 wireless charging function, it also comes with a nightlight function that can charge your phone, headphones and watch at the same time. It supports 15W magnetic fast charging technology and is compatible with iOS and Android systems for fast charging. The wireless charger is also equipped with a night light, which is perfect for placing on the nightstand. We are a wireless charger manufacturer and provide customized service, we can produce various styles of wireless chargers according to your needs. In addition, we can also independently develop molds for you to customize the style to meet the characteristics of your brand. Welcome to inquire anytime.

  • wireless charger earbudswireless portable charger
    Wireless Charger
    wireless portable charger

    This portable wireless charger is designed with ultra-thin aluminum alloy, small size, light weight and high charging efficiency. It has a 15W fast charging function that supports your phone, smartwatch and wireless charger earbuds at the same time. This wireless charging stand uses magsafe magnetic charging method, just attach your iPhone to it for efficient charging. It supports cell phone standing charging method, so you can easily check your phone’s message alerts and so on while charging. We produce high quality wireless chargers and all our products are CE, FCC, RoHS and Qi certified. Welcome to consult us anytime.

  • magnetic wireless chargermagsafe wireless charger
    Wireless Charger
    Magnetic wireless charger

    Compared to the traditional 3-in-1 wireless charging stand, the traditional wireless charging stand needs to take up a lot of packaging volume because it can’t be folded, resulting in higher shipping costs. Our magnetic wireless charger is designed with aviation aluminum alloy, and the bracket part is designed with a hinge that can be bent and recycled. During transportation, you can fold down the charging stand, thus reducing shipping costs. This wireless charger adopts magsafe magnetic charging method, supports 15W fast charging, compatible with iOS and Android systems, and supports both PD and QC fast charging methods. It is capable of charging cell phones, wireless bluetooth headphones and smartwatches. We offer manufacturing and wholesale service of wireless charger, welcome to contact us to get samples for testing.

  • Aluminum Wireless ChargerAluminum Wireless Charger
    Wireless Charger
    Aluminum Wireless Charger

    The aluminum wireless charger is a high-quality product made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Its precise manufacturing process ensures the product’s durability, shock resistance, and sturdiness. The device is accompanied by a 15W fast charger that has a charging conversion efficiency of up to 80% and is compatible with the wireless charging standards of Qi, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

    This innovative charger can charge smartphones, smartwatches, and TWS Bluetooth earphones at the same time and supports system upgrades. The dual-coil charging technology enables charging regardless of whether your phone is at a 90-degree stand or a 180-degree horizontal position. The charging part also features masafe magnetic suction technology that ensures efficient and accurate charging.

    The wireless charger comes equipped with essential protective features, including metal foreign object detection, overvoltage protection,current protection, and over-temperature protection. The device ensures that it provides users with a fast charging experience while keeping their devices safe and protected.

  • 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand
    Wireless Charger
    3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand

    The wireless charging stand is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy through precision machining, which makes the product sturdy and durable with strong shock resistance. The wireless charger is equipped with a 15W fast charger, and the charging conversion efficiency can reach above 80%. It conforms to the wireless charging standards of Qi, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. It can support charging for smartphones, smartwatches, and TWS Bluetooth earphones simultaneously.

    The watch charging chip adopts an MCU module that does not require upgrades and can support system upgrades. The mobile phone charging part adopts dual-coil charging technology, which allows for charging whether your phone is at a 90-degree stand or a 180-degree horizontal position. The charging part uses a masafe magnetic suction method, which can achieve efficient charging quickly and accurately.

    The wireless charger comes with protection functions such as metal foreign object detection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and over-temperature protection. It provides users with a quick charging experience and a good user experience.

  • Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger StandSlim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand
    Wireless Charger
    GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand

    Grandshine GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand
    GE1 is a stylish, durable, lightweight and versatile aluminum alloy 3-in-1 wireless charging stand launched by Grandshine. GE1 fast wireless charger stand can charge your mobile phone, iwatch and airpod earphone at the same time, solving the problems of multi-wire entangling and charging heat. This is a high-end aviation aluminum alloy creative wireless charging stand, bring you a different sense of artistic beauty.

    Grandshine GE1 3-in-1 fast wireless charging stand is designed by German engineers and uses BPS power distribution technology to achieve efficient and fast charging. Pure copper coil and stable magnetic field can make your mobile phone charging to achieve fast induction, small consumption and fast charging effect. Built-in intelligent chip and heat monitoring system make the whole charging process efficient, stable and fast heat dissipation. GE1 slim fast wireless charger also designed with FOD test, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, power protection and over-charging protection, so that your mobile phone can get a safe, stable and fast charging. The perfect line arc combined with ergonomic design is suitable for People’s Daily and office use.

    The overall structure of GE1 fast wireless charger is made of high-quality aviation aluminum alloy materials. The overall product appearance adopts the glue assembly process to replace the screw drilling. Watch strong magnetic can well firm your watch charge and solve the problem of your watch loose and broken charge. The earphone charging platform is equipped with an advanced breathing atmosphere light. Blue light indicates that the charging is under way, green light indicates standby mode, and the blue and green flashes alternately indicate that foreign bodies are detected or the mobile phone is misplaced. Grandshine GE1 wireless charge lets you know when your phone is in a certain state through an atmosphere light. Let you say goodbye to the desktop data line bundled messy troubles.

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