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    Grandshine GS2 Mobility Terminal Flex Case

    Grandshine GS2 mobility terminal flex case is customized protective case based on your existing work-flow to transform any Apple,Android or Windows phones into a payment terminal or other industrial terminal.
    GS2 mobility terminal flex cases compact with 2D/4D barcode scanner,magnetic stripe card reader or RFID module to protect your device and increase mobility. It extends the capabilities of your iphone and ipad into a powerful point-of-sale solution and turns your phone into a versatile payment or scanning device.
    Grandshine is professional manufacturer of industrial tablet cases and mobility terminal multifunctional cases.We can help you design and custom all kind of multifunctional protective cases for your mobility devices to meet different industry field request.You just need to share with us your existing workflow devices and what functions you want to achieve,our design team will help you analyze product’s structure and make your idea into physical products.Today,GS2 customized flex cases are wildly used in retail, warehouse,restaurants,finance,logistic,manufacturing,health care,construction and other fields.Contact us to get your own customized industry mobility terminal flex cases.

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