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  • 24 Switch Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Lite/ OLED24 Switch Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Lite/ OLED
    Game Card Box
    24 Switch Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Lite/ OLED

    This stylish and functional game card holder case can hold up to 24 switch games cartridge and 24 micro SD cards, making it the perfect accessory for gamers who love to keep all their favorite games organized and in one place. The outer hard shell is made of high-quality ABS material, which provides full protection against water, dust, shock, and scratches, ensuring that your switch game cards are safe and secure.

    What sets this game card case apart is its cute and unique design, featuring attractive and playful patterns that add a touch of fashion to your gaming setup. And if you’re looking for a custom design, we offer that option as well! The interior cushion protector is made of soft silicon lining material, providing precise card position and preventing your switch game cards from slipping.

    With its slim and compact size of 7.44 x 3.82 x 0.75 in, this game storage box can easily fit in your pocket or bag, allowing you to take your favorite games on the go. Plus, the magnetic closure design ensures that the case stays securely closed, even if it accidentally falls on the ground.

    If you’re interested in manufacturing or wholesale service, we’ve got you covered too! Choose the 24 Switch Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Lite/ OLED for a stylish, functional, and reliable way to store and organize your favorite games.

  • 12 Nintendo Switch Cartridge Holder12 Nintendo Switch Cartridge Holder
    Game Card Box
    12 Nintendo Switch Cartridge Holder

    a must-have for any Nintendo Switch lover! Our cartridge holder is custom-designed with fashionable elements, suitable for all ages, making it the perfect gift for gamers. With 12 Game Card Slots and 12 Micro SD Card Slots, it provides ample space to organize your cards.

    Our cartridge holder is made of premium PC material that is scratch-proof, shockproof, and anti-fingerprint. The blue soft silicone lining is designed according to the original game card 1:1, ensuring that your card is placed safely and securely. The form-fitting rubber slots also secure your game cards in place, preventing them from shaking or slipping.

    The compact size of our cartridge holder provides comfortable portability. It can be held in one hand or put in your bag, making it suitable for travel, work, business trips, parties, and more. The snap closure keeps your cards secure, ensuring that they don’t fall out while you’re on the go.

    In addition, we provide both manufacturing and wholesale services, making it easy for you to get your hands on our high-quality product. So, whether you’re a gamer looking to keep your Nintendo Switch games organized or a retailer looking to stock up on a popular product, our 12 Nintendo Switch Cartridge Holder is the perfect choice.

  • Nintendo AccessoriesNintendo Accessories
    Gaming Case
    G01-Nintendo Switch Protective Case

    GG-G01-Nintendo Switch case is a new creative design case for your game console or other gaming device.
    This GG-G01-Nintendo Switch game console protective case has been redesigned based on the feedback and opinions of thousands of customers to improve the design and optimize the scheme. It is soft, thin and wear-resistant. The design of the interface perfectly fits the protection of the game console itself, which is a great improvement!
    You may have bought a Nintendo game console case before, which will deform for a long time, the product will turn yellow, the pattern is easy to cut flowers, cannot be charged with the battery case, does not fit the game console, and is not wear-resistant. When it is dropped or inadvertent friction occurs , this is no way to protect the screen of your beloved expensive game console and the internal accessories of the game console!
    Among thousands of customers and merchants, 98% of customers praised and encouraged our Grandshine , GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. He told us that they first felt this GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. It’s just the word – like, like in our 3D printing image texture workmanship and our materials. This protective cover is not only wear-resistant, but also has a unique original design. The pattern reveals the innocence of childhood, with adult dreams and inspiration. The material experience is completely in line with modern ergonomic design, comfortable, soft, and comfortable. fit. Through customers, we learned that customers have used the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case for more than 2 years without deformation, and it can still protect their Nintendo game consoles well.
    Through the feedback from the above merchants, we can not only satisfy our customers, but also make the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case more durable and wear-resistant than others, making it a better union. We use TPU as the raw material, with a 3D texture on the back. The printing map, these two materials have been optimized through screening and testing to be more wear-resistant and slip-resistant. The 3D printing map also added that it is not easy to fall off, anti-cut, not easy to deform, and can protect and reduce the damage to the game console when it falls. It can perfectly fit and protect the game console itself.

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