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    G01-Nintendo Switch Protective Case

    GG-G01-Nintendo Switch case is a new creative design case for your game console or other gaming device.
    This GG-G01-Nintendo Switch game console protective case has been redesigned based on the feedback and opinions of thousands of customers to improve the design and optimize the scheme. It is soft, thin and wear-resistant. The design of the interface perfectly fits the protection of the game console itself, which is a great improvement!
    You may have bought a Nintendo game console case before, which will deform for a long time, the product will turn yellow, the pattern is easy to cut flowers, cannot be charged with the battery case, does not fit the game console, and is not wear-resistant. When it is dropped or inadvertent friction occurs , this is no way to protect the screen of your beloved expensive game console and the internal accessories of the game console!
    Among thousands of customers and merchants, 98% of customers praised and encouraged our Grandshine , GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. He told us that they first felt this GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. It’s just the word – like, like in our 3D printing image texture workmanship and our materials. This protective cover is not only wear-resistant, but also has a unique original design. The pattern reveals the innocence of childhood, with adult dreams and inspiration. The material experience is completely in line with modern ergonomic design, comfortable, soft, and comfortable. fit. Through customers, we learned that customers have used the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case for more than 2 years without deformation, and it can still protect their Nintendo game consoles well.
    Through the feedback from the above merchants, we can not only satisfy our customers, but also make the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case more durable and wear-resistant than others, making it a better union. We use TPU as the raw material, with a 3D texture on the back. The printing map, these two materials have been optimized through screening and testing to be more wear-resistant and slip-resistant. The 3D printing map also added that it is not easy to fall off, anti-cut, not easy to deform, and can protect and reduce the damage to the game console when it falls. It can perfectly fit and protect the game console itself.

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