Grandshine Apple pencil charging case (Generation 1)

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Why do you need an Apple pencil storage case:
For anyone with a compatible iPad, the Apple Pencil is pretty much a must-have accessory. The Apple-designed stylus is perfect for everyday note taking and more creative tasks like sketching or drawing. But  you need to find a good way to store and protect your Apple pencil. The Apple pencil case can do it.

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Have you suffered below problems when you bought an Apple pencil case?
-It is clearly not designed for the apple pen as is totally oversize and it takes too much space for a daily use.
-The magnetic lid is not tight enough/secure lid ever, so don’t go throwing the case around.
– Many components of the Apple pencil are in one box with no separate storage space, it is easy to squeeze each other.
-Without charging function, you can’t use your Apple pencil freely when go outside.
What can the Grandshine Apple pencil case do for you?
☆ Easy to transport the Apple pencil and its parts
When you are on the traveling, it’s always a good idea to have a way to safely transport the Apple Pencil along with your iPad. The Grandshine Apple pencil case does that and more. It can hold an Apple Pencil, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip in individual storage compartments. Magnets help keep the cover stay on tight when
☆  All-in-one storage and stand solution :
☆ Specially slim and simply Design: It offers an all-in-one storage and stand solution for your Apple Pencil. This case safely stores your Apple Pencil and accessories in specially designed compartments, and it can also act as a stand for the Apple Pencil. Just put the tip of the stylus into the built-in tip holder, it can make your Apple pencil stand upright or sideway and and keeps it within reach. It is very easy to use
ith a compact, minimalist design, the case is easy to transport and blends seamlessly with any desktop decor.
☆  All storage compartments are special designed to protect your Apple pencil
With its durable High-Quality Materials, Grandshine Apple pencil box is designed to protect the delicate components of the Apple Pencil from damage. Each storage compartment has a soft silicone lining that provides additional protection, and it is tight enough to keep all of your accessories in place. The lid’s magnetic seal prevents the case from popping open when it’s stowed in a purse or backpack..

grandshine Apple Pencil Charging Case (3).jpg☆ QI wireless charging:
Grandshine Apple pencil charging box supports wireless charging. No need to insert wires or plugs into walls; simply drop your apple pencil into the box and plug it into the charging port. Place the box on the Qi wireless charging pad/pad to fully charge and charge your apple pencil.

 Grandshine Apple pencil charging case specification:

Name:Wireless Charging Case For Apple Pencil

Material:ABS + Silicone

Input: 5V/1.5A

Output: 5V/400 mAh

Dimension: 223mm*40mm*19.5mm

Weight: 0.3kg

Color:White (Can be Customized)
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