How Biodegradable Products work?

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According to reports, the global temperature will rise to 60°C in 2030. Ordinary plastics are still treated by incineration and cremation, causing a large amount of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air.

Items made from Styrofoam and plastic wind up in landfills by the ton every year. These products take centuries to degrade and when they do, they can leave toxic residue behind. Food service enterprises were once notorious for producing much of that non-biodegradable waste.

In recent years, many in the food service industry have switched to biodegradable products made from vegetable matter like corn and sugar cane. Since they are made with naturally-occurring materials, these products break down easily in the soil. while polylactic acid plastics are buried in the soil to degrade and produce The carbon dioxide directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, will not be discharged into the air, and will not cause the greenhouse effect.

What is the 100% biodegradation?

From the perspective of degradation methods, it can be divided into three categories: photodegradation methods; biodegradation methods; photo and biological double degradation methods.

The biodegradation method is that there are many microorganisms in the soil. The microorganisms secrete “decomposing enzymes”. Many materials (such as lipid structure) are easily destroyed by interfering enzymes. They are incorporated into the macromolecular structure. This new polymer chain is easily cut by decomposing enzymes and becomes a small molecule compound. This achieves the purpose of degradation.

From the perspective of degradation effect, degradable plastics are divided into two types: incompletely degraded and completely degraded.

Complete degradation of such products is generally not based on petrochemical materials, or natural or synthetic materials. After such macromolecular materials are used, the polymer chains can be short molecular chains, and the short molecular chains must be in another Under some other conditions, it is degraded into carbonic acid and water, and the polymer material is completely degraded without causing any pollution.

The process of the biodegradation:




What does Grandshine do to protect our planet?

The natural disasters that have occurred in different places in recent years have made many people aware of the severity of environmental problems and the importance of protecting the environment. On the other hand, changing iPhone protective cases may be a trivial matter for you, but in fact, more than 2 billion plastic iPhone protective cases are produced every year. Both the production process and the disposal after use have caused great harm to the environment. After constant trial and effort, we launched the environment friendly series of protective case series to protective your device and our planet.
Grandshine iPhone12-degradable (3).jpg


Our Case Design

Base on the “Protect your phone, Protect the planet” concept we designed the eco friendly series of phone cases, This series of case combines the daily use protection with the planet protection, they are drop-proof, scratch-proof with 100% compostable and 100% biodegardable. Protect your device without adding the burden to the planet.Let’s stop the plastic pollution at its sources


How protective is the case?

The 100% biodegradation material need to meet the use requirement in the tensile, tear, impact, sealing strength before it can be put into use. So the It features with the same protection function as usual phone case.

 Top-Notch Protection: Shock-proof, Drop-proof, Anti-scratch and Durable enough.

 This eco-friendly phone armor provides full body protection (with four air-cushion at corners). Raised bezels ensures extra protection for the screen and camera.

 Drop protection: This eco-friendly phone case also protect your phone from daily drops,  We’ve had the Grashine Case tested to far beyond your average phone drop out of a pocket .

 Access to all ports, controls & sensors


How it feels

Outside of being able to protect your phone and protect the planet, the next most important thing is how a case feels in your hands!

This case is Lightweight, soft to the touch, flexible with no extra bulk and a little bit of grip is how every grandshine case can be described.

About us:
 Grandshine is the BSCI SEDEX SA8000 approved manufacturer and it has more than 10 years experience in phone/tablet accessories design and manufacturing since 2006. All the product we made have  passed ROHS,CE,FCC,REACH,QI,CA65,SGS etc certification.

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