How to remove the scratch from you mobile phone

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Now everyone has a big screen smart phone, but if you do not buy a protective shell or cover, it is easy to scratch at the back rear cover or the screen, even if it was covered by the whole wrap protective case, there will inevitably be some scratches on the screen. Here are some tips that you can DIY to remove scratches on your phone, the effect is magical, have a try!

1, toothpaste
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Toothpaste can be used in many occasions to scratch, toothpaste contains solid calcium carbonate, silica and other ingredients have the effect of grinding, and because of the hardness and screen glass similar, often can have a good  effect on removing scratch.

But don’t use children’s toothpaste to clean your phone screen. Just use regular toothpaste.First, squeeze a little bit of toothpaste on a cotton swab or a clean cloth, then paint a circle around the scratched area and wipe gently until the scratch is gone. Finally, wipe off the excess toothpaste gently.

2,vegetable oil 
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Vegetable oil contains the grease component, is the natural lubricant, the slight scratch produces the sharp part is very small, the vegetable oil lubrication, can make the scratch lighter.

Drop a few drops of vegetable oil in the scratches on the screen, gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth, the method is similar to toothpaste, when the scratches become light, wipe the excess vegetable oil.

3,Baking soda
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Bicarbonate of soda is the cleanser that can be used to everything, not only can conquer kitchen all besmirch, but also mobile phone .Mix the baking soda to water in a 2:1 ratio. Let the baking soda turn into a paste. Then dip a cotton swab or cloth in the baking soda and wipe the scratch gently.

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Yes, I’m as shocked as you are.But one Twitter user has successfully demonstrated that using sandpaper and a grinder can remove the edge of the crack.

However, this method is not recommended for use on the phone screen and is only suitable for removing scratches from the body.In addition, when using this method, the size of sandpaper used must be the minimum, but also pay attention to control force, otherwise the scratch will be more and more.

5, Automotive scratch remover
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The remover used to deal with scratches on automobile paint can also be used on mobile phones. The usage is the same as the steps for removing scratches from toothpaste. The foreign brands of automobile scratch removers recommended by  netizen are Turtle Wax, 3M Scratch, and Swirl.

Some netizen recommend solid car wax to remove scratches. Car wax can not only remove scratches on the car paint surface, because car wax has the effect on filling small pits caused by scratches, but also it can maintain a certain form after solidification and is insoluble. In water, it is not easy to wipe off due to operation.

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