It can help to solve the problem you meet at the gift market

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What the problem do you meet in the gift market?
Do you still remember the gift you got at a promotion activity, or someone else gave you? Maybe you put it away because it wasn’t practical, and never use it, right? Finally, you don’t remember where you put it. This is a very common situation that many people will encounter. This is also a problem that gift merchants have not considered. What will be the final result of the gift they sent out?

Thinking from the company’s point of view, you printed your company’s LOGO on the gift you sent. You thought it would achieve the effect of advertising, actually, it didn’t. You didn’t know your customer or the person who received your gift how to handled the gift you gave. We need to consider : Is this gift we gave is helpful for our company? Are we giving them what they need? what we want to achieve by giving this gift and how to achieve?

On the other hand, let’s think from personal perspective: Why do I need this gift?. Is it easy to carry? Is it practical? Is the quality good? Does this gift work for most people?

After all these questions are solved, the gift you sent will make sense ! Here we can solve all your worries,why? :

What is it?
Style: Air Vent & DashboardName: DIY Voice Car Mount
Input: 5V/2A
Output: 5V/0.5MA 
grandshine Smart Voice Car Phone Holder (3).jpg

Charging Power: 5W/7W/10W
Material: ABS+PC+PU
Applicable size: 58-88mm cell phone
Weight: 0.1kg
Colors: Coffee, Silver, Black, White(customization)

 Why can it help you?

☆To solves three problems of Gift Market
-“Dumb” Gift: Just add LOGO or telephone NO. on the gift, can’t promote the brand, customers will forget you.
 -Low Quality: In order to reduce costs, many gift packages are very beautiful, but the quality of the products is not vulnerable.
-Not Practical: The coffee mug, T-Shirt, gift card, etc. these gifts are often forgettable and sometimes find themselves buried in office trash cans. 

☆Product Features & Value
grandshine Smart Voice Car Phone Holder (8).jpg-Customizable Voice Advertising: When the car starts, the voice advertising will play automatically from the car phone holder. Such as: For your safety, Grandshine reminds you, safe speed, safe arrival.

-Breathing Light: Simulate the human respiratory rate, specially set the indoor atmosphere breathing light, reminding you to prevent fatigue driving, add a fresh atmosphere to the small space. 

grandshine Smart Voice Car Phone Holder (7).jpg-Universal Compatibility: It is suitable for almost any cell phone with a width of 58-85mm. The 360-degree rotation adjustable air vent clamp design, suitable for all kinds of horizontal, vertical, oblique, circular and other automotive air vents.


grandshine Smart Voice Car Phone Holder (1).jpg-Smart Button: According to different models, driving areas and usage habits, we set the left and right smart buttons, easy to open, and universal accessibility

  • Grandshine specialized in electionic plastic moulding/commodity plastic moulding/Industical plastic moulding/mobile phone cases/tablet cases/ manufacturing

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