Airpod pro protective case

Polypropylene molding

You come from the applause of the people with a ton of new features and a complete redesign.People in the world only see your brilliance, strength, worth;they praise you, appreciate you and bring you with them everyday.But we see your vulnerability. You need good protection,because you have to go to many places and meet many people.To offer more protection to you, we did a lot of preparation( new premium material,new design and upgraded technology) before you come.This Grandshine protective case is designed for you specially.

See what Grandshine Airpod pro protective case offer to you:

Grandshine Airpod pro.jpg

Premium Material: Grandshine’s newly upgraded Airpod pro protective case was made of premium soft silicone which has stable chemical properties, good thermal stability, high temperature and low temperature resistance. With the shock-absorbent and resistant to scratches main feature, i can protect you from scratches, drops, dents, etc. and fits really well and offer a good feel for your owner without adding bulk.

Precise and tight: the precise cut off for the charging port help to charge without removing the case.The newly upgraded fitting technology, without gaps, and the bottom dust plug design, which is a wonderful design that is more convenient for people’s life, whether they are traveling or in sports.

grandshine Airpod pro 2.jpg

New Technology: Grandshine AirPod pro protective case use the latest one-piece molding process and micro-matte technology on the surface, leaving no fingerprints, anti-fall and 100% dust-proof

Our mission: Create value for customer.All product gradnshine provides should be assured for customers to buy and use , so as to achieve real value for money.Grandshine has more than 10 years experience in phone/tablet accessories design and manufacturing,we offer all kinds of material and design protective case or customized service to you

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