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Nowadays more and more people like to adopt pets such as cats and dogs, treat their pets as a part of the family, and buy beautiful clothes, fashionable leashes, and a lot of toys to accompany their pets. Today we are going to discuss plastic pet toys made of different materials.

When we choose plastic pet toys, we need to fill safety, bite resistance and softness to consider several aspects. Below we analyze three materials from silicone pet toys, tpr pet toys and PVC pet toys respectively. 

Silicone pet toys

Silicone pet toys are non-toxic, can also be sterilized at high temperature, product performance is more stable. However, the cost of this type of material is higher.

Silicone pet toys come in a wide variety, including chew toys, intelligence toys, sound toys, interactive toys, cleaning toys, and edible toys. For example, silicone intelligence toys that hide food, squeakers silicone toys with sound, bouncy balls and so on. These toys not only fulfill your pet’s entertainment needs, but also help with oral health, mental training and interaction. Different types of silicone pet toys are uniquely designed to suit a variety of pet tastes and preferences, providing pets with a colorful entertainment experience. When choosing plastic pet toys, it is recommended to visit levitpet to pick the most suitable product according to your pet’s needs and characteristics in order to promote your pet’s physical health and mental well-being.


TPR Pet Toys

Pet toys made of TPE are affordable in cost and have the advantage of being safe and non-toxic.TPE material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, non-toxic and odorless, and does not contain toxic substances such as collagen dicarboxylate. And high temperature resistance, can use boiling water to achieve the purpose of sterilization, convenient and quick, the flexibility and softness of the material will not be affected by the temperature. At the same time, the material’s anti-tear performance is better, cats and dogs can bite and scratch.TPE plasticity is good, easy to color, design space is very big. So choose TPE to make pet toys cost-effective more outstanding, more durable.

TPR material pet toys have good flexibility, can resist the pet chewing and play brought about by the pressure, to extend the service life, TPR pet toys of non-toxic environmental protection properties to ensure the safety of pets in the play, and its wear and tear and easy to clean the characteristics of the maintenance is more simple. Combined with sound devices, TPR pet toys can also provide fun sound effects to increase the enjoyment of your pet’s interaction.

A wide variety of TPR pet toys and supplies are available, including bouncy balls, dental toys, Frisbees and Frisbees, intelligence toys, modeling toys, dog leashes, pet brushes, pet bowls, etc. These products have the softness of TPR and are easy to clean and maintain. With the soft, chew-resistant and environmentally friendly properties of TPR material, these products provide pets with safe, fun and healthful ways to entertain and interact with each other. Pet owners can to choose the most suitable shapes and colors according to their pets’ tastes and preferences.


PVC Pet Toys

Is it good to use PVC material to make pet toys? There are many kinds of PVC pet toys, including rubber balls, chew toys, various shapes of dolls, sound toys, food stuffed toys, etc. PVC material is soft, durable and easy to clean. These toys not only provide a way for pets to entertain and spend time, but also help to relieve anxiety, exercise, and promote interaction between pets and their owners.

However, most PVC still uses phthalates such as DOP as plasticizers, and its toxicity mainly stems from the plasticizers, which can cause some harm to your pet’s health when exposed to it for a long period of time. So when choosing pet toys made of pvc you can’t just look at the cheap price, you need to look more at the safety and environmental protection of pvc raw materials.

If you need to produce safe and healthy plastic pet toys, welcome to contact us, we can provide you with customized production of silicone pet toys and tpr pet toys. If you are a personal pet owner, you can also go to our levitpet pet website to buy your favorite pet supplies.

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