Why clear phone cases become yellow and solution


Last night,a Russian customer texted me asking for help saying that the transparent PC+TPU case she bought at another factory turned yellow in a month.This has affected their brands and increased their aftersales job.Here is her message.

I think there are a lot of mobile phone accessories customers have such an experience:Transparent phone cases they bought from many Chinese factories quickly turn yellow and foggy,all goods were piled up in the warehouse and could not be sold anymore,many dealers even return them.

Why transparent mobile phone case becomes yellow,foggy and hardy after a period of time? To solve this problem, our factory Grandshine has a set of technical solutions developed by ourselves.At present, many big international brands are customized transparent mobile phone case in our factory,no customer has complained about a yellow phone case in ten years.Here’s a simple solution:

Causes and Solution:
1)Causes: Tpu material contains a vulcanizing agent,which will turn yellow after a long time of use, which is determined by the nature of vulcanizing agent.
     Solution: Add anti-yellow vulcaning agent,which is mainly used in products that need to be exposed and have higher quality. 

2) Cause: Ultraviolet radiation, in the process of use, the sun/light can produce ultraviolet radiation to make plastic becoms yellow.
    Solution: Choose anti-UV tpu or PC material.

3) Cause:Poor quality tpu raw materials. Poor quality raw materials will also accelerate the yellowing.
    Solution: Purchase good quality raw material or work with Grandshine patent material.

4) Cause: Insufficient production equipment and engineering team technology
    Solution:Work with experienced factory like Grandshine. All Grandshine phone cases passed CE,Rohs,Reach and CA65 certificate. Grandshine provides service as product’s design,plastic injection mold,silicone product mold,metal casting mold,phone/tablet cases manufacture,bracket and comsumer electronic product manufacture. Welcome visit www.grashine.com or email mrkaiwin@163.com

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