Why is the folding screen phone not a future trend?

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The mobile phone screen size has been affected by two contradictory factors: one is the efficiency demand brought by the big screen, and the other is the small size body required for portability. In order to solve this contradiction, many mobile phone manufacturers are constantly working on the screen of the mobile phone, and eager to make a bigger screen. In the end, the folding screen mobile phone came out, and the evaluations of the major users of the folding mobile phone were different. Some think this will be a trend in the industry, but some people are not optimistic about folding mobile phones, and think that there are many problems that cannot be solved. Here, we are discussing whether folding mobile phones will be a trend in the industry (this is just some of my personal views, welcome to leave a message to write your opinion)

First of all, technically speaking, the core of the folding mobile phone is the flexible screen made of OLED material, which is a solution that takes into account the large-size screen and portability. However, at present, flexible screens are lacking in both convenience and durability, and are not able to cope with mass production. In addition, the folding mobile phone can complete the folding and unfolding modes, in which the hinge is used. The hinged is MIM hinge, with the flexible foldable screen, finally realizes the folding of the mobile phone. The gear structure ensures the reliability of the overall folding structure and provides corresponding damping to ensure that the foldable mobile phone can be read and operated at different folding angles. But is there a sufficient drop strength and structural strength from the current complex hinges to cope with the common usage scenarios in daily life? How to carry out the mobile phone film? Is battery life lasting enough? Thickness issues and other details show that the product maturity of the folding screen phones is far from standard



Secondly, from the consumer’s point of view, the folding screen is not a technology that can be popularized to everyone. The screen that can be bent and the multi-part body make the folding mobile phone very expensive, the screen itself is insufficient durability, and the flatness is not strong. If these problem have not been solved, there is still a long way to go into the public life. Many consumer will choose ordinary mobile phones, and now many ordinary mobile phone screens are not small. And folding the phone screen is a little bigger and can be folded only, and did not bring other huge improvement in the user experience. Even if you buy a folding mobile phone, it is very cautious to use, for fear that it will be damaged, after all, the price is not cheap, and it is not easy to repair. This is not so free to use.

Finally: What people want is a portable mobile phone. The folding mobile phone screen is large, but the thickness of the folding phone is still thicker than that of an ordinary mobile phone. It is not a good choice for those who want to travel lightly. In addition to the advanced folding design and visual experience, the folding mobile phone does not bring the user other special experience, so it I don’t think it will become a mainstream trend.

However, whether folding mobile phones will become the trend of the future or not, the generation of folding mobile phones is a technological advancement, which is the result of continuous exploration and continuous improvement of human beings. When one direction arises, even if it is difficult for us to achieve the ultimate, on the way to the extreme, we can see many beautiful scenery that we could not see before.

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