Why will TWS become the mainstream of headphones?

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What are TWS Bluetooth headsets? Why is TWS headsets a lifestyle in addition to wearables?

From a macro perspective, wireless and multi-device collaboration is the mega trend. On the micro level, the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0 has enabled TWS headsets to be upgraded with the underlying technology; global smartphones have gradually eliminated the headphone jack, which has accelerated the development of TWS headsets. The emergence of TWS headphones can be said to be a necessity.

TWS headsets are not accepted by consumers and the market from the beginning. There are many problems such as battery life, transmission, sound quality, and price, which have not been completely resolved so far. As more and more consumers begin to pay attention to TWS headsets, demands such as voice assistants, health monitoring, and noise reduction modes also begin to emerge. TWS will become the mainstream of mobile phones in the future.Why?


1, AirPods have sparked the TWS craze,

As we known, the AirPods’ popularity officially opened the market for True Wireless Stereo headsets, and “Wireless” has been the most sought after headset feature for consumers ever since.

TWS headphones are made up of chips, speakers, microphones and multiple sensors, while AirPods are built with 28 components and hundreds of components, increasing complexity.The AirPods rely on optical sensors for automatic switching, while the TWS headphones can also be used for motion detection and health monitoring, among other things.

2,TWS headphones are expected to become mainstream in the future:

The market and consumers are paying more attention to the noise reduction/transparency model.Noise reduction is generally divided into active and passive noise reduction, most in-ear headphones have passive noise reduction;Active noise reduction is also expected on more devices in 2020.

According to IDC, headphones will be the fastest growing wearable device, growing at a compound rate of 56 percent from 2018 to 2022.According to the Futuresource report, the global TWS headset market reached $5.4 billion in 2018, with AirPods accounting for about 40 percent of the market.We expect TWS headset sales to more than double in the next three years, making it the mainstream of the headset market.

1) The upgrade of bluetooth technology improves the experience of wireless products such as TWS headphones.

In 2016, the bluetooth 5.0 technical standard was released, laying the foundation for the popularity of TWS headphones.Compared with the previous generation of bluetooth 5.0 technology, the power consumption is lower;The coverage radius is up to 300 meters, 4 times that of bluetooth 4.2;Up to 24Mbps, twice the speed of bluetooth 4.2;Can also cooperate with WIFI to achieve indoor positioning.Bluetooth Mesh technology also breaks the tradition of “many-to-many” signal transmission between devices.

For TWS headphones and phones, advances in bluetooth technology will improve device connection stability, reduce latency, and extend device life with its low-power features.In addition, the use of bluetooth 5.0 technology will enable the TWS headset to make bilateral calls, meaning that both headphones can be used as the main speaker.

According to statistics, since the second half of 2017, the mainstream mobile phone brand launched more than 50 flagship models that support bluetooth 5.0 transmission, layout the future Internet of things and the application of intelligent devices, also for the use of bluetooth 5.0 technology headphones laid the foundation of hardware. With bluetooth technology upgrading, chip companies actively diversified TWS headset scheme in recent years, according to statistics, by the end of 2018 a total of eight chip companies a total of 18 TWS headset, there are 13 scheme support bluetooth 5.0 transmission.

2. Mobile phone structure upgrade, system support to promote wireless earphones

Following the release of Airpods in September 2016, the Iphone7 released the same year did away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, which was used to increase battery capacity, add waterproof components, Taptic Engine, and add a voice transmitter and two speakers.This has promoted the popularity of TWS wireless headphones to some extent, and also provided relevant solutions for the efficient use of the internal space of the iphone.Since then, a growing number of mobile devices on the market have eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a Lightning or type-c connector.

3. Sensor and AI technology will promote a wide range of future application scenarios

With the further development of technology, in the future, TWS headphones may gain more market space in industrial, medical, ToB and other fields.Apple’s patent shows that in the future, headphones may be equipped with heart-rate detection technology and integrated with more sensors to monitor the heart, blood pressure and other functions.The other describes a technique that relies on sensors and microphones to allow users to control ambient sounds, even adjusting ear pressure.Future TWS headset technology upgrades may also include the integration of capacitive sensors.At present, most of the TWS headsets launched by major mobile phone manufacturers support the voice Assistant of their respective phones. The traditional headsets manufacturers have launched some TWS headsets that support apple Siri, amazon Alexa, Google Google Assistant and other mainstream voice assistants, which have a good future in the voice control market, and the TWS headsets will become an important entrance for voice interaction.

4. Mature technology drives down prices

TWS headset related technology maturity is constantly improving, driving the product price down gradually.Combined with the upgrading of core technologies, hardware and software, ecological completeness and the added value of new technologies, the whole ecological circle will gradually mature, enabling cost control.Then, for the whole smart headset market, it is highly likely that the future will be the direction of high technology and low price development.

Is, to emphasize, development trend of high technology and low price does not mean the industry in the process of rapid development rely on price war to seize market, it is the industry in the process of a thriving, make the product itself have the performance-to-price ratio, to push the TWS headset industry rapid popularization, the TWS headphones is the main trend of the development of the market future, to do this, must be coordinated every link of the whole ecosystem.

In short, the application of new technology will still raise TWS product prices, but the improvement of technology maturity will promote the overall trend of price decline and help TWS headphones achieve rapid popularity.

5,Future core components and technologies are constantly upgraded

In the future, with the intelligentization and diversification of application fields, the headset gradually evolves into an independent smart device (an annual iterative upgrade of AirPods), so TWS headsets will undergo more technical and performance upgrades, which will promote the core components and technologies. Continuous development and upgrade.


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