Will human be replaced by AI

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-The 2019 world conference on artificial intelligence was held in Shanghai on Aug 29:


Ma huateng: Tencent has established four AI laboratories and laboratory matrix for cutting-edge scientific and technological exploration

 in the 2019 world conference on artificial intelligence, chairman and CEO of tencent ma said the company has set up four big AI lab, range from AI comprehensive basic research to the variety of application development, but also the establishment of a cutting-edge technology to explore laboratory matrix, robot, quantum computing, 5 g, edge calculation, IoT , etc., to build for the future of the “engine” of science and technology
Musk: Artificial intelligence is probably smarter than the smartest people, so team up with
them:According to the news,tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the 2019 ai world congress that “people generally underestimate the power of AI. They think it’s like being smart. In fact, AI is much better than that, probably smarter than the smartest people.””If you can’t beat them, make a team with them,” he added. Now we are connected to mobile phones and computers, we have become human beings with the characteristics of machines.”
Jack Ma: I don’t think AI is a threat because humans are smart:
“I don’t like AI being called artificial intelligence. I call it alibaba intelligence,” ma said at the 2019 world AI conference.In addition, he added: “a lot of people are worried about AI and they need to have more confidence in themselves.There are no solutions to many problems today, but there will be solutions for young people in the future.I’m optimistic. I don’t think AI is a threat. I don’t think AI is a scary thing because humans are so smart.”
Artificial intelligence is developing faster and faster, do we will be replaced by AI?
We are in the age of intelligent, we noticed that the science and technology are developing in the rapid speed, there are more and more unmanned, intelligent machines or intelligent robots around us. They can do a lot of things that humans can do, even things that humans can’t do, it seems that they are smarter than human being. So some people are worried that humans will be replaced by AI and intelligent programs one day.
Wang haifeng who is Baidu’s chief technology officer said that :At present, some members of the public do not have enough understanding of artificial intelligence, and there is a certain panic, believing that artificial intelligence will replace human work and threaten human beings. Therefore, to let the public have correct cognition and reasonable expectation of artificial intelligence is a problem that the practitioners of artificial intelligence and the whole society need to solve.
The current artificial intelligence technology as a whole relies on big data, big models and big computing power, and there are still many problems to be solved. At the present stage, the ability of artificial intelligence in specific applications and scenarios exceeds that of human beings, but it still has a long way to go to reach or even surpass human beings comprehensively, especially in cognitive technologies such as language and knowledge, and there is still a lot of room for development.
The mission of artificial intelligence is not to replace human beings, but to serve human beings. AI can perform some tasks better than humans, such as repetitive, basic or purely physical tasks.But there are also many abilities that machines can’t replace human beings, such as scientists, engineers, artists and other creative work.
In the future, humans will play a more managerial role, and machines will only help them make decisions.The whole society should have a correct understanding and expectation of artificial intelligence, not too high, nor fear, so as to better embrace artificial intelligence
As for whether AI will develop in the future, as some people say, “AI may replace human beings in the future”, Raj Reddy said that many people have misconceptions about AI, and these people often do not know about AI. As Raj Reddy, an AI expert who has worked in the AI industry for more than 60 years, points out, “humans have evolved over millions of years, and the ultimate expectation is that AI will naturally behave like humans. At present, our research on AI is still in the fur stage, and the development of AI in the future will definitely make great contributions to human society. But the idea that AI will replace humans is very foolish, and unlikely for at least the next 100,000 years
What impact does AI have on enterprises?
1. Intelligent manufacturing.The introduction of artificial intelligence into the production and manufacturing system of enterprises, including robot, big data, cloud manufacturing, etc., can enable enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing, so as to improve manufacturing efficiency.
2. Intelligent research and development.The application of artificial intelligence can assist enterprises to make scientific research and development decisions, so that enterprises can grasp the research and development direction and understand research and development risks.
3. Intelligent management.Including intelligent decision-making, precision marketing and so on



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